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Agent 64’s Astrolosophy™

Astrolosophy™ Blog

This is where I keep all of my blog postings. While most postings are done on social media, this is where you can find the most important and relevant information.

Website Service

This site contains all the information that you need about my website services. This includes: Web Design/Re-Design, Web Hosting Services, Web Security and much more.

Find Me on Facebook

Agent 64 “Astrolosophy” Page offers a community to discuss astrology and general metaphysics. It is like a salad bar, take that which resonates with you and leave the rest.

Tropical Astrology Readings

This is where you can browse the online shop for the right astrology report and consultation that meets your needs.

Agent 64

Consultation with an energetic approach

The services offered through this site are rooted in many different approaches.
My Approach has been described as:
Intuitive, straight forward, diverse, insightful, easy to understand, empowering, down to earth, accurate, wise and enlightening. You can see for yourself how I interpret 2014 and beyond for his clients. Everything ranging from aromatherapy, astrophysics, metaphysics, the tarot and beyond, are fair game in my view of shared reality. An intellectual approach married with a gentle, compassionate and humorous spirit that encourages each client to grow is the hallmark of
my approach in all that I do.

This is digital artwork that belongs to Agent 64 of the San Francisco Bay Area