The Astroclock is also a compass based on the zodiac signs of the ecliptic.



Astrolosophy is about YOU and your connection to your community, mother nature, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe as a whole. This is simply an approach or philosophy. It is not meant to be a cult nor religion. It is a place to seek out knowledge and wisdom on the platform of Western Tropical Astrology, while discussing adjacent topics on spirituality, consciousness and existentialism. Discussions include the paranormal, ancient astronaut theory, symbolism and mysticism in general.
The day and night model of the zodiac is based on the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Differennt Zodiac Signs are visible at night or day depending on where you live on earth.



Astrology is one part astronomy, one part mythology and one part philosophy, hence the title of the site: Astrolosophy. While the scientific method is a valid approach for the modern world, this form of binary thinking leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions and mysteries about ourselves, our lives and the nature of the multiverse. So thinking outside of  ”the box” is encouraged in the Astrolosophy community.All of my editorials are simply my subjective thoughts. All of the scientific evidence needed to support astrology as a science does not exist in the context of the Scientific Method. Some scientific information can be learned when topics are discussed that involve the orbits of the planets, eccentricity, precession and general Earth Science.
The Earth rotates once on its axis every 23 hours and 56 minutes (24 Hours or a day)



Here, on earth surrounded by the stars, planets, moons and meteors in the sky, while we observe the path of the sun around the earth called the ecliptic. There are many types of astrology that are discussed on this site. But the main focus is Western Tropical Astrology, Natal Chart Interpretation, Jupiter’s relationship to Eastern or “Chinese” Astrology, Astrology’s relationship to Numerology, the Tarot and Mayan Astrology. The importance of understanding the role of planet Venus (Ix’Chel) is a key factor in Mayan Astrology and Western Tropical Astrology.There is a lot of discussion about the role of Mercury, Mars and Venus in your daily lives. There is also a lot of discussion about how the larger, outer, gas planets impact us as individuals and collectively as a whole. These larger outer planets are known as the “transpersonal” planets. The slower they move, the more profound their effects.
You can contact me at:

You can contact me at:

Agent 64’s Astrolosophy™ is a website dedicated to metaphysics with a specific focus on natal chart astrology and mythology as a catalyst for philosophy. The designation of “Agent 64” comes from my association with the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. While is exclusively postings that I have written, this site will feature posts from other astrologers as well. There are a number of posts on astrology signs, the new moon and the full moon.  In theory,  you can consider using such knowledge in everyday situations. While the blog postings are 100% free, I do have a section available for those that wish to purchase  Natal Chart readings or consultations over Google Plus, phone and or Skype. I also help people set up, customize  and learn WordPress. Internet web server space is also available. Khepri/JD

30 Minute Session

Phone Readings are available for $75 per 30 minute session

Includes a brief 1-page outline and Natal Chart Horoscope. This is simply the interpretation of a natal chart.

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Phone Readings are available for $100 per 60 minute session

Includes a brief 2-page outline and Natal Chart Horoscope. This is simply the interpretation of a natal chart.

Sun Report

The Sun Report is a $150 written report that comes with your choice of a 30 minute Phone/Skype/Google session! Click here for details

Galactic Report

The Galactic Report is a $250 written report that comes with your choice of a 45 minute Phone/Skype/Google session! Click here for details
The Astroclock is also a compass based on the zodiac signs of the ecliptic.



Sharing ideas about the 12 distinct archetypes on the zodiac ecliptic often called “signs,” “star signs” and sometimes “prophets.” The use of mythology helps us to evaluate how different archetypes face a range of challenges. This community also gives us the opportunity to explore astrology, calendars and “mythologies” of the various cultures around the world both past and present. It becomes easy to see the correlation between the many “gods” and “goddesses” of different pantheons and cultures. Each place we discover synchronicity on issues among disparate cultures, we are reminded that there is a nexus of wisdom here on earth waiting to be unraveled by scientists, mystics and skeptics alike.
The Astroclock is also a compass based on the zodiac signs of the ecliptic.



Because people are curious by nature and sometimes answers and ideas are not always found in places like work, school or institutes of worship. This site and adjacent community is a place to explore with no judgment. The seeker is not required to agree with anything presented to them. In fact challenges on information are met by doing research together so that the outcome does not gratify our individual ego but rather contributes to the accomplishments of the community as a whole. This site was created as afun learning tool. This is a place for sharing ideas. It is not my wish to change anyone’s mind, or dictate life paths. It is only my hope to share about the vast amount of information available in this philosophy. It is also valuable to learn from others and allow everyone to use their intuition along with critical thinking skills to decide for themselves that which is true. I welcome people to be skeptical and challenging.The only thing that I am intolerant of is disrespect. If you are not going to communicate with others in a respectful tone, this site and community may not be a good fit for you. I give the benefit of the doubt by assuming that most that seeks knowledge, usually do so with an open mind and heart.



The paradigm shift through duality consciousness is here. The new “renaissance” has begun. Humanity’s interconnection to the earth’s natural resources and rhythms can no longer be ignored. This is evident in the social, political and economic challenges that we are currently experiencing globally. Global symbiosis among human beings is eminent. Meeting the challenges of these changes cooperatively will contribute to the expansion of awareness. Humanity is now on the precipice of a quantum leap towards the collaborative mindset of unity consciousness while we all learn how to resolve the conflicts brought on by the competitive nature inherent in duality consciousness. Your belief in any form of astrology is irrelevant. Participation with kindness and respect is the tone that is emphasized on this online community.
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