The Alchemy of the “Thundermoon” in Capricorn

Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Depending on the distance and nature of the lightning, thunder can range from a sharp, loud crack to a long, low rumble. The sudden increase in pressure and temperature from lightning produces rapid expansion of the air surrounding and within a bolt of lightning as soon as the speed passes 1,236 kilometers per hour (or 768 miles per hour), we experience a sonic boom shortly after the flash of light. All alone, one air atom cannot be heard, but if you have billions of those particles expanding at the same time, you get a huge BOOM. The more air molecules, colder the temperature accompanied with a fierce bolt of lightning (Jupiter in Virgo) can make thunder feel like an earthquake.

Full “ThunderMoon” in Capricorn!

In Tropical Astrology The moon will align itself with Pluto at 15º Capricorn reminding those of us that follow astrology that we have made it to perineum of the underworld.(Or the ass crack of hell? You decide!) While the IAU now classifies Pluto as a “dwarf” planet, those of us in the world of astrology still recognize Pluto as a dynamic heavy handed gladiator in the colossal coliseum of unapologetic, transformational and transcendental growth.

So don’t let Pluto’s physical size fool you. While he may be the tiny little hobbit with “Lost Boy” feet, Pluto’s access to the cold secluded shadowy depths of our solar system serves as a metaphor for our individual and collective capacity to work with what we’ve got in complete surrender. Once we reach that level of surrender and subsequent acceptance, we slowly gain the coordination to dance with the cosmos in a manner that allows us to be less attached to the outcomes that we project onto life’s curve balls in a way that increases our capacity to see the opportunity to create outcomes that are often better than we anticipated. This will serve us well when things become more fierce as July moves forward. Remember, July is for Julius Caesar, you know, “Et tu Brute?” —->There are enough knives in my back.
Pluto Conjoins Capricorn moon!

Pluto Conjoins Capricorn moon!

That first 10º of Pluto in Capricorn was more sinister than putting a pack of hungry wolves in charge of deciding whether or not it should be legal for the world to eat chicken. Since the first 10 degrees of Pluto in Capricorn is all about the influence of Capricorn’s ruler/depositor Saturn there has been very little compassion only the loud justification of destruction being shouted in the name of progress, “you have to crack a few eggs if you want an omelette or a quiche.”

Now in this 2nd decan of Capricorn, Taurus and its ruler Venus may tempt us all to let some things go by or look the other way, provided that we are “comfortable” and “feel good” about the sensations that we feel within ourselves. This is the moment that you realize that there is no turning back regardless of whether or not you like everything going on in the world around you because you have decided to survive and thrive regardless of the cost. That is, until Venus’ “ethics” kick in and you realize that you absolutely cannot eat a filet mignon steak in front of a homeless person in an outdoor bistro regardless of the cultural indoctrination served upon you by your friendly neighborhood oligarch.

In a very real sense, that is a big thunderbolt that has been served to us all repeatedly since 2008 when Pluto went into Capricorn and the world of fiat currency that defines the world’s economy collapsed. So while it feels like Pluto in Capricorn is


Mars in Scorpio Trines with Chiron in Pisces!

all about the status quo on the surface, Pluto’s alignment with the full “thundermoon” in Capricorn will increase the momentum of the “unmasking” that began with the seven exact cardinal squares that we have endured since 2012. Now Uranus whips out his magnifying glass and places it between humanity (higher consciousness) and the sun (will, strength of character) for closer examination of what our “civilized” society really is and whether or not it authentically serves humanity in the manner in which we have been led to believe is prudent since childhood.

Like any good show, there is a thin line between tragedy and comedy and the week of the full moon, ingress into Leo and the start of the new Mayan Moon Calendar year will NOT disappoint. If you thought the previous weeks “rolled like thunder,” upon your nerves, fasten your seat belts, because when the ingress of our “cosmic kitty,” Leo,  takes place, you will feel the struggle between light and shadow on top of the gonging chime that starts when Mars in Scorpio forms a trine with Chiron in Pisces today. This cosmic chime initiates a healing long before Uranus has finished showing you the business end of his shank, not to mention inappropriate use of that magnifying glass I mentioned earlier.
mercury_HD_LEONot only will we feel that conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Leo, after the 22nd, the sun enters Leo creating a stellium in Leo to join with the stellium in Scorpio that will last until Mars moves back into Sagittarius. This means people are especially stubborn as Leo and Scorpio are both fixed modalities and do much better with change when they are in control. So when you are talking transdimensional weather, be careful not to draw any lines in the sand or you will become just like Sisyphus pushing that boulder up the hill only to have it roll back over you and go back to the bottom of the hill. While Chiron’s healing energy works really well with Neptune in Pisces and the south node in Pisces, be aware that sometimes to achieve a breakthrough in the present we must let go of our focus on things in the past. I mean how can I push a huge boulder up a hill against gravity if my focus is on holding onto the crystal for good luck that was given to me last week?
There will be plenty to help you scatter your focus this week as our global “bread and circuses” review is still touring the world. Drama in Turkey, ethnic cleansing in the United States, “attacks” in France may be linked to more “panem et circenses” of the shadowy type. (or Pokemon Go!) One never knows when we are being fed a false flag by the media because they are now owned by the “elite” corporations which as most people know, are for the most part owned by the world’s wealthiest families. The timing for a lot of the infuriating and frustrating images by the corporate owned media, simply makes me wonder.
HD_uranus_siteI am sure that many of you have heard about the “revelation” of “911,” a subject which many people were already speculating about for years. Subjects like the Downing Street Memo, Valerie Plame, the family of Saudis being flown out immediately after the incident, the “Patriot Act,” being written that quickly, I could go on all day. The point is That as Uranus slows down to go retrograde, I noticed that he has put on his dancing shoes and is about to go all John Travolta from “Saturday Night Fever,” on our asses. So keep your expectations high while you hold space in your community for all of us that make up humanity and sentient consciousness as a whole. Expect to grow a lot over the next few weeks as your capacity to recognize and respond to tough situations expands just like  the air in that figurative thunder that defines the full moon in Capricorn as well as the beating of the drums for the upcoming year of the Blue Lunar Storm. When the force hits, many will seem just like Inanna hanging on that meat hook in her descent story. But it’s ok! We are all heroes on this journey and we can do our own dance of the seven (7) veils right along with Travolta, Jesus, Krishna et al. Remember that Uranus’ work with Mars, Pluto and the Capricorn moon is to play the role of Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans. The act might symbolize how humanity has evolved/grown enough that we have learned to recognize our inner divinity juxtaposed and placed right on top of our flaws. Not just our individual shortcomings that we all learn to own, but the collective interpersonal and cross-cultural communication barriers that elude us all as we struggle to reach higher rungs of understanding as we continue our cyclical ascension towards self-mastery and self-actualization.  Apparently, we haven’t mastered the art and skill of communication as people in general, yet we are socialized to believe that this is healthy behavior pattern. In part, it’s because we all speak so many different languages. I am not just speaking about miscommunications due to each distinct language, but miscommunications that happen when we are not careful of how we share the specifics. Not only must we shoulder the burden of communicating what we want, we also must check for understanding to make sure that others understand what we mean for them to understand. This is what clarifying what one means and confirming that others not only understand your words, but they understand the meaning and context that you intend for them to receive.  Misunderstandings because people interpret language, non-verbal communication   we should grasp our inner Uranus might encourage us to believe that which we need to do to create a better world while giving us the fire we need to get our cylinders moving. Change always looks good from here.
I declare this August the month of Sekhmet. Except this Sekhmet will be one part protective deity and one part Hellcat with a 707 horsepower engine. Many of us have tried thoughtful, compassionate and empathetic approaches done all the contemplative aspects of growth this year and now the action factor will be full throttle until we reach the solar eclipse September 1st.
Keep in mind, this is month #7, The Chariot (control your own destiny) and a #9 year (The Hermit). You will see the opportunity to express your inner alchemist-magician, once you understand the alchemy of making many things work at once. The trick? Simply go for it! Go for it without OVERTHINKING! Push yourself, but don’t forget to forgive yourself when you are not perfect.
Make it happen! Make some noise!

Make it happen!
Make some noise!

For more on July’s Cosmic Weather, please see my article with the Cosmic Intelligence Agency

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