Answer a loaded question…

What do you think happens to people after death? Do you think a part of them stays with us? Do you think they can like watch over somehow and see us, or at least the people who meant something to them?

I’m sorry it’s a kind of loaded question… I just normally tend to like or believe your take on matters, so I wanted to know :/

Interesting question!
It is very loaded!

Although in reality I can never give you a definitive answer because it is so subjective, my personal opinion is that the soul has many different pieces of it that make it whole. There is the Ancestral soul, the part that travels within your family lifetime to lifetime. There is the part of the soul that is your universal fire, I suspect that it exist outside of TimeSpace;

that is we are in an existence that takes place on a material plane on a linear timeline but we are only temporarily anchored to it. Consider the rules of timeSpace when you are asleep; you can press the snooze button and it could seem like three seconds or three hours but in reality it is only the small interval that your alarm is set for. (usually 10 minutes)

There is also a piece of the soul that is very specific to this lifetime, when you transition out of this world

into the next I believe that this is a possible opportunity for that soul’s energy to watch over others or guide people that it is anchored to for whatever reason. I also think that this could take place for that part of your soul for only a few minutes before it goes on to the next world. For us time moves at the same speed but this piece of your soul can traverse the time line and literally be everywhere at once until the end of times. But as a free agent it would only appear an instant to it yet be an eternity for those of us anchored to this linear timespace/dimension.

It could get pretty deep because then issues of physics, quantum mechanics and string theory touch on these things but you try and get the scientific community and the spiritual leaders on this planet to cooperate in an extensive investigation!

Then there is the idea that all pieces of the soul no matter what there function is is also connected to the “Tree of life” that is the Earth and it is connected to its tree of life—>The Sun which is a tiny leaf of our galactic tree of life which has more than 300 billion stars and is about 500 million light years in diameter. This Milky way Galaxy is just one tiny leaf in the tree of life of A cluster of Galaxies and Supercluster Galaxies (Which look suspiciously like the same spirals of DNA look it up if you want.)

I Say all of this so that you can consider that the universe starts in 1 place at Zed tempi (Zero time) and as it enters timespace all the light separates and cools enough to be both matter and energy so in the end everything will be back together squ-ozen (frozen and squeezed) down to the size of a sub atomic particle instigating another big bang. So if the theory of the big bang and big crunch is consistent; that may simply be the whole of our perceptible existence breathing (expand and contract, breath in breath out).

I believe that when we are pure energy we instinctively play a role in the cosmic equation on impulse without even having to think about it (Being that we have no physical brains; as I believe the biological one we have only mimiicks the intelligence we have in our pure energy state.) Do we have physical bodies because we have souls or do we have souls because of our physical bodies (can you say chicken before the egg?)
Many Non-Eastern thought believes that our essence energy is that which manifested our physical bodies, the same way we developed 5 senses (Ok 6 senses if you count the intuition that we are taught to suppress in the western way of thinking). Maybe we are developing more senses as we move through Timespace the same way plants grow towards light/heat?

In my personal moments of Lucid Dreaming I have experienced enough to suspect that the love, desire and care that make us who we are does play the role of guardian or avatars for those who need it, we may be drawn to them like the plants I just mentioned. But I think that you see every instance that they need you at the moment of your death. Giving you the opportunity to attend to more than one person at the same time, opening a door at each moment of linear time for each person and incident that you feel compelled to assist. Because many believe that all we are in existence are little pieces of the universes light refracted through time like a prism giving us the opportunity to be different manifestations of the same thing.
So when I see another human being, I see them as myself in a different dimension and timespace timeline. I guess they call those iterations or instances of each other. So that which we do to shelter and support each other in this world and beyond are facilitated through the awesome forces that make it possible for us to exist in the first place.

Its like when I am helping people in impossible situations I don’t let it get the best of me as I have faith that anything I cannot do intellectually or spiritually correct the universe will fill in the blanks with me as I go along as long as my intentions stay pure…it has worked for me again and again. To me this is the same type of circumstance/context that your question of people watching over us is framed with. So YES!!! i COULD WRITE ABOUT THIS FOREVER. BUT i KNOW THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS BECAUSE OF THE CARDS I LET YOU BORROW!

Be careful with this kind of talk. It is like Rush Discusses in the Song “Witch Hunt”
But the Philosophy can be echoed in their songs “Mystic Rhythms” or “Natural Science” If you decide you can listen to these songs make sure that you read the lyrics along with the music you may find some surprises.

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