Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon

Uranus: Ruler of Aquarius and Higher Thinking

Uranus: Ruler of Aquarius and Higher Thinking

The moon is in Aquarius and spending time with friends and family could not get any better. This is a time to think about what you want more of in your life and focus less on what you don’t want. Mercury is no longer retrograde and the havoc that it created will be mostly straight after Wednesday.

A good week for Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra and Scorpio. Pisces beware, as the Aries full moon usually brings bad dreams and unfair criticism to you. Cancer and Capricorn expect to wait and not be the leader this week.

Aquarian energy in Astrological philosophy is about harmony and understanding, just remember that sometimes Aquarius’ serious exterior might make you think that they could care less. However,  nothing could be further from the truth. Aquarius’ ruling planet is Uranus, the planet of high ideals and high expectations from institutions and people. At this time, people want things that are unique, off-centered and as eccentric as Uranus’s position on its axis (Uranus is on its side, look at the rings). Aquarian moon is always a time when people want to step away from the status quo or routine day and shake things up a bit. Keep in mind that while Aquarius is a pleasant force it makes people have low tolerance for “stupidity,” as Aquarius “does not suffer fools” without great frustration.

Aquarius: The Next Age!

Aquarius: The Next Stage of Human Development!

Aries: The Ram

Aries: The Ram at Kagaya Studio! Please Support Kagaya's Work!

We do have the Full Moon in Aries on September 23rd just a few hours after the sun enters Libra late on September 22nd. This means that there will be a lot of activity, impatience and self-centered behavior playing out at the peak of the full moon. Remember that there may be a series of “flash points” or flare ups but they will mean very little if you simply focus on the reasons why people are reacting around you. Aries also has a lot of restless energy and is in need of constant activity to stay out of mischief. Since Aries is a pioneer and leads through initiating projects, it is important to focus on planning and taking action to fight any worries you may have.

This fall promises us a big “shake up” so be prepared. It is especially important to remember to look closely at the details this coming season.

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