Chiron- A Case Study in Pain


Chiron. It makes no sense. Every time we think we know more about us, it throws us a curveball. Then it shows us that it is in fact a curveball, until we realize its actually stationary, and everything else is in fact, bent. Or maybe its all just bullshit. Chiron is funny like that.

Chiron is easily one of the most complex objects in the sky. It defies any attempt to pigeonhole it, or put it into a box, so we had to come up with a whole new designation for it and the others like it who shortly followed- The Centaur Planets. Yes, there are in fact Centaur Planets, in addition to the seemingly endless others, like the Cubewanos, Plutinos, Twotinos, SDOs, proper Dwarf Planets, and everything else. The universe is a complex place. At least, it is when you try and make any damn sense of it.

Astronomically, Chiron orbits the sun in a very eccentric orbit (in fact, that could summarize Chiron in one word- eccentric) and occupies the space between Saturn and Uranus, the two Titans of the sky (Yes, yes, Saturn was an Earth Titan, but this is an astronomy paragraph [and yes, all right, so Jupiter. But no matter what, Jupiter was NEVER a Titan. Which is a book in and of itself, and we’ll get to him] Shut up, it’s a metaphor). He crosses their orbits, and generally the only thing that Saturn (king of Order and Discipline, with his lovely rings that we keep finding more of) and Uranus (the insane psycho robot from the planet Glamtron in the Gender-fvck system [who eschews all convention and is so individual- just look at him, orbiting on his side and all!], but lest we forget, Uranus has the most pronounced rings after Saturn) will ever agree on is that they loathe Chiron with all of their beings. I know, that was a tough paragraph to read. Ill fix it later, I’m inspired. Or maybe I won’t.

Chiron and Achilles
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In his myth, Chiron was the greatest teacher who ever lived. He taught all of the greats- Heroes, scholars, singers… the list goes on. He knew Astrology, Herblore, magic, discipline, music, sword fighting, and just about anything else that was needed. He inspired as well as taught. He was the proverbial Guide. Trouble was, that knowledge backfired. Helping one of his most famous students, Heracles (*sigh* All right, fine- Hercules) Chiron gave him a superweapon, after one of his challenges, the 12 Labors of Heracles- The one I’m referring to is the Labor of the Hydra. The Hydras blood was incredibly toxic, and Chiron suggested that Heracles dip his arrows into it, which allowed him to use the poison for his own goals. Smash-cut to the future- Heracles has completed his labors. One thing leads to another, and Chiron drops one of the arrows on his foot, point down. Any other being would die instantly, but Chiron isn’t just any being- he is the son of Saturn, and is therefore immortal (look up the myth on your own time, ya deviants) so it doesn’t kill him, but the poison still wounds and infects Chiron, and will not heal. So he is doomed to an eternity of suffering. A fate truly befitting someone who only wished to better others, no? Even with all of his skills and knowledge, Chiron’s wound will not heal.

Wound Not Heal

That is the theme of Chiron- A wound that will not heal, no matter what you do. Typically this occurs very early on in your life (very early childhood) and just becomes part of your background noise, you hardly ever hearit. That is until you’re alone, and all the other noise around you stops- Then that’s typically all you can hear. It is painful, a pain you barely realize you are in until it is pointed out to you. You spend so much time avoiding it, and building your life around it, refusing to give it any room but unable to heal it- only treating the symptoms, not the disease.

Scorpio and Sagittarius are both related to Chiron through Asclepius and Imhotep

Chiron and Wisdom

Thing is, Chiron also rules the wisdom you find trying to heal that wound. For us, the Chiron story plays out in reverse- First we get the wound, then we spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to heal it. Our wounds shape us, prod us, and make us who we are. They are our history, our experience, our memories. They are our mastery. They give us our individuality. For some, its spurs us on to greatness-

Others are drowned under the weight of their pain.

Scorpio and Sagittarius are both related to Chiron through Asclepius and Imhotep

Chiron, Reflection and Identity

I promised you a case study, no? Client has Chiron in Cancer, in his 7th house (Intercepted), conjunct Jupiter and Ceres, Opposed to Neptune, Trine Pluto and Juno, and Sextile the Moon. Client is a young (easily visible from those placements [Neptune in Cap, Pluto in Scorp]) male. He is quite polyamorous and has multiple sexual partners of both genders (7th House, Jupiter, Juno). We can postulate that this is because the client feels a complete and total lack of love from any and all around him, and seeks to fill that lack with Quantity of love, instead of quality of love. Client also reports feelings of lack of identity, feeling, in his own words, like “an alien just dropped in the center of Times Square, with no idea how to speak the language or anything”. 

Scorpio and Sagittarius are both related to Chiron through Asclepius and Imhotep

Chiron's Expression

This is a quite interesting expression of Chiron, as it is again viewed through the lens of others (7th house) but there are also fragments in there that we can break down and analyze- Incapable of expression (Unaware of the language, sensory overload) reeks of Neptune, who happens to be one of the strongest aspects to Chiron in the clients chart. As Cancer typically represents one’s center, their core, having a lack there can be devastating. We all need somewhere to retreat to, somewhere to call home and be ourselves.

Pluto is the Planet of Social, Emotional, Financial and Karmic Debt. It is about the journey we take alone though our own private Tartarus.

Pluto is the Planet of Social, Emotional, Financial and Karmic Debt. It is about the journey we take alone though our own private Tartarus.

Now let’s look at Pluto- In my opinion, that will be the “way out” for the client. Only by fully embracing and feeling this can the client ever hope to transform his situation and heal the wounds that he carries. The difficulty in doing that is that, in Cancer, Chiron can indicate a lack, or difficulty in the act of being able to feel anything at all. The act of acceptance of the pain and a willingness to heal it is a sublime act of self-love, and one that is immensely difficult for the average person, and Herculanean for the one who has difficulty experiencing love for others (typically brought on by an unacknowledged difficulty with Self-love [Yay Recursion!]) Only by the client stepping outside his own boundaries and allowing love and emotion to enter the secret world that is his self will he ever be able to heal the wounds that plague him. That, or he will continue his path and never heal, eventually succumbing to either his wounds or his attempts to self-medicate his pain.

There is hope though- Chiron’s story has an ending, and it is a good one. To understand it however, we need to talk about another Titan- Prometheus. Prometheus is famous for

Utnapishtim, Deucalion, Noah and Aquarius have a mysterious connection to Prometheus and Uranus.

Utnapishtim, Deucalion, Noah and Aquarius have a mysterious connection to Prometheus and Uranus.

giving fire to humanity, after stealing it from the gods themselves. You see, Prometheus and his brother created all the animals and vegetation in the world, after the deluge (according to the archaic Greeks, anyway) and when it came to man, they had run out of almost all the good stuff, like claws and fangs, and having cheetah speed or gorilla strength. Feeling bad for man, they gave him the bottom of the bag “gift” of intelligence. Feeling like that wasn’t enough, and seeing these weak, furless creatures freezing to death in their caves and living like barely better than animals, Prometheus stole some fire from the gods and gave it to mankind. If you’ve ever transferred fire from one source to another, you know that doing so doesn’t lessen the original fire source; it just creates a new one. Bear this in mind.

prometheus_sealZeus, king of the gods (at the time) decided these “man” creatures were getting too powerful, and should be destroyed. Realizing that would actually be more trouble than it was worth; he decided to punish their creator, Prometheus instead. He chained Prometheus to a rock and had an eagle (symbol of Zeus) peck out his liver (also a symbol of Zeus) every day. Because he was divine, the liver grew back every night, allowing it to begin again and again, ad nauseam. Mankind got a punishment too- Pandora, the first woman, who unleashed all the world’s ills, but that is a whole different post, as we don’t have time to get into archaic Greek misogyny. That could last a lifetime!

Anyway, Chiron knew of Prometheus’ torment. He went to Jupiter and told him of his own (I just realized they were actually half-brothers . Wow) and told Jupiter of his plan- If Jupiter would release

Prometheus, Chiron would take his place. Apparently Chiron was less immortal than Prometheus, and with this torment, would be able to die, and through that, be released from his own torture. In a rare act of leniency, Jupiter allows it, and Chiron dies, freeing himself, Prometheus, Heracles (from guilt) and Jupiter (because political prisoners are bad press, especially once you torture them). Chiron gets placed among the stars as the constellation Sagittarius, and shows us how Chiron’s story ends astrologically.

Yes, your pain is over after you die, but that’s not what I meant- The point is that we cannot heal our own wounds typically, though by our knowledge of trying to heal our own, we can work with others to help them heal theirs.

So be kind to each other, and most importantly, be kind to yourself. We all have our scars.


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