Tropical Astrology Update:
11/19/14 9:30 pm PST, 11/20/14 12:30 am EST, 5:30 am UT

Put your game faces on because the moon is now in Scorpio and it is only Wednesday night. Normally when the sun and the moon are both in the same zodiac sign we experience a new moon.

This month or “moonth,” for those that see the correlation, but since this moon cycle started on zero degrees scorpio and the moon travels through the whole zodiac every 28 days, its like having 2 scoops of EMO CRAZY for the price of one.

We are currently experiencing a stellium (when three or more planets are in one zodiac sign) so technically its more like we will be collectively influenced by three 3 scoops of epically EMO internalization.scorpio_mythology

For those of you that don’t obsess over astrology like us kooky astrologers, when the sun, or any other planetary object sits in a zodiac sign, we tend to take on some of the good and bad traits of that given zodiac sign.

Seems pretty simple right?

Now imagine The sun, Moon and Mercury all in Scorpio! I don’t know about you, but as a middle-aged astrologer all I can hear is the Group HOUSE OF PAIN, singing “Jump Around.”—-> Hmmm…perhaps the irony is all in their name?

The SUN in SCORPIO tends to influence people to be more strong-willed, secretive, possessive, vengeful, and passionate in their philosophy and approach with how the live life and interact with people.

The MOON in SCORPIO tends to influence people to be more
brooding, INTENSE , motivated, domineering, sometimes spiteful, and suspicious. But Scorpio energy, like the people tend to always be LOYAL and Creative.

I mention the sun and the moon together because the sun supposedly is how you manage your ego and direct your will. So naturally the moon represents how we handle our security needs, home and family needs and the shadowy hidden parts of our personalities that we keep locked in the basement of our persona until someone sets it free with tequila and Godiva* ice cream or (If you are a GEMINI, I mean ALL of your personalities, not just the two that the astrologers call out.)


Now Mercury is supposed to be the planet of communication, education, the mind and small trips above all else. So when MERCURY is in SCORPIO, people tend to be very inquisitive, severe in their approach to solving problems and unnecessarily suspicious. But the keyword that binds all Scorpio behavior is INTENSE. Intense sometimes to the point of obsession.

This is the reason why I needed to break down why its important for you to know about Scorpio’s darker side while we travel the dark moon aspect of the monthly cycle. But anyone that knows a Scorpio really well knows that they say OH SO MUCH MORE BETWEEN THE LINES than they may share with you overtly. Scorpio is always about the mystery and the stealth. Since Mercury is big on communication, PLEASE be careful not to be too stubborn in the gravity well of Scorpio’s fixed energy. Instead focus on its power of tenacity and determination.

Saturn has taught us all a lot in the last 2.5 years, so I will try and be patient while the lord of limitations slaps us all on the back of the neck to remind us of the boundaries and expectations. But While I think Saturn is a great coach, the energy can be callousness and cold. But it is best to focus on what you learned instead of what didn’t go as you expected. I personally am looking forward to my next Saturn Return as much as I am looking forward to licking a hot skillet full of broken glass.

VENUS is in SAGITTARIUS facilitating a creativity that flows between aiming for your personal best and applying the results towards the crusade of creating a better world. When Venus is in Sagittarius people tend to be more:
Literary, Warm Affection,

Be careful not to let your lovers slip into the “friend zone” as Venus can be hot in Sagittarius but she is also very philosophical and cerebral.

Scorpio moon is not just about the emotional shadow work that helps us accept the parts of ourselves that we think we need to keep hidden, it is also about improving the more subtle parts of our integrity that we don't need to over-sell.

Scorpio moon is not just about the emotional shadow work that helps us accept the parts of ourselves that we think we need to keep hidden, it is also about improving the more subtle parts of our integrity that we don’t need to over-sell.

MARS and Pluto in CAPRICORN brings out the Executive, Prudent, Self-serving, personality traits that have been conditioned into us by society. This influences us to stick with safe and traditional choices that affirm logical and responsible behavior. Mars in Capricorn supports us in being Vigorous in our efforts to secure success.

JUPITER in LEO and Uranus in Aries will be creating a lot of changes over the next few months, especially after Saturn moves into Sagittarius and sets us up for fire trines that will be activated by the moon and the personal planets. Expect exuberant events that are: Culturally literate,
Theatrical—>After all, we are talking about LEO! URANUS in ARIES’ Freddy Kruger like touch, will insist that we experience
Daring, and

Yes, this is going to be a veery interesting 2 days indeed! How do you direct this energy so that you grow?

*After one pint, you must shout “Go DIVA” after each bite!

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  1. Elinros

    Thank you JD 🙂

    It is an interesting time… Everything is being examined and challenged in the depths. Everything.
    I find balance, perspective and a lot of humor to be important in times like these. 
    The dense energy might force a kick in the but to get things done, and when they do get done, 
    they get PROPERLY done. 

    I feel sorry for those who have not met their darkest sides lately and had a good look at them. 
    It aint pretty, but it´s there. The opportunity to go aaaall the way is rare, so take it!

    My absolute favorite blessing of this month is this video teaching by Gangaji: 

    “The Heart Can Bear It All”. It is all about embracing those deeply hidden feelings of self-loathing that 
    will arise within any conscious and mindful being. Because we spend so much of our energy and
    our being on struggling to avoid that black abyss. If we dive in and embrace, we finally get to meet
    ourselves fully.

    The level of suspiciousness is absurd! Integrity integrity integrity… And then, a lot of compassion 
    needed… My favorite Archangel Zadkiel is ready to awaken compassion within them who are ready
    to receive… So yes, an intense time. A great moment to ask oneself what matters and what is true.

    I love your work dear Oracle, so much.

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