Did my Zodiac Sign Change?: Notes on Tropical Astrology

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Short Answer

Since I continue to get the same question “is my zodiac sign different?” I am going to give you the quick answer!


Yes your sign is different in Sidereal (Vedic) Astrology.


Longer answer

* Astrologers have known about precession for well over 3,000-5,000 years or longer.
* This fact along with knowledge of Ophiuchus has been known by Astrologers since before Astronomy and Astrology became two different disciplines.
* The topic of precession comes up again and again as if it were news, which it isn’t. Astrologers know about precession and it has no impact on our work. We use the tropical points on the globe to determine where the energies of the signs begin and end.
* Astrology VS Astronomy:

Notice the two words share the same root Astro = Stars,

but they end differently

=logy: to observe and log/document

=nomy: to name and catalog

Astronomers learn information and do not always question. (Objectivist thinking, the student is the vessel to be filled by the authority/instructor)


Astrologers observe the position of the stars and planets and track what they observe to see which effects they see with events and individuals on earth.

This a constructivist approach, all astrologers contribute to making the knowledge-base stronger and hold each other accountable by sharing research.—->THE PROBLEM, any scientist will tell you that this is not objective enough to fit the scientific method.

See: http://academic.pgcc.edu/~ahabermr/olc5fottc/objcon.html

This is why many astrologers have blogs.

So we learn from astrological observations and apply theory of astrology. It is our job to modify these theories and philosophies as a matter of process. Some of use include the north and south nodes of the moon. Some of us include comets, dwarf planets and other celestial bodies such as Chiron, Eris, Ceres,  and Vesta.

The funny part of all of this is that astrologers have to know the basics of Astronomy to do their jobs right. But since astronomers are taught that astrology is fake or a, “pseudo-science,” most astronomers don’t bother learning the basics of astrology that would prevent such confusion about zodiac signs of the ecliptic.

Some scientists are starting to re-think their attitude, but generally speaking, you will be laughed at in the scientific community if you “believe” in astrology. Therefore, many scientist would never admit such a belief publicly because it would end their credibility amongst other scientists. Once your “cred” is gone, you lose the ability to get and hold a job, especially in our current global economic reality. This is a cultural shift that people in the scientific community are not ready to discuss openly.

Here is a little evidence to show the shift: http://www.naturalnews.com/030698_astrology_scientific_basis.html

In addition to the current article above, Dr. Percy Seymour has been discussing it since the mid 1990’s. If you want more information on his “scientific” findings follow this link:


I discuss this topic in the about section in my blog below:


For the real skeptics reading this note, I suggest you read Dr. Seymour’s work. It is pretty interesting to say the least. I would also recommend:

The National Council for Geocosmic Research


There are several types of Astrology

# Western Astrology (Same as Tropical)
# Eastern Astrology (Chinese Zodiac, Changes once a year, some people mean “Vedic” when they say “Eastern” it varies among different populations)
# Sidereal astrology (Ophiuchus [Serpentrius] added to Scorpius, Virgo 40º Long)
# Tropical Astrology (Think about the words on a globe of the earth…”Tropic of Capricorn” Tropic of Cancer”)
# Mayan Astrology (Uses 20 day signs and uses 13 tones, calendar is based on the moon and Venus)
# Egyptian Astrology (Very much like Sidereal Astrology, the world is still not clear if Astrology originates here or Sumeria)
# Sumerian Astrology (see above)
# Vedic Astrology (See Sidereal Astrology)
# Horary Astrology (Answering a question by casting a horoscope at the time question is asked)
# Elective Astrology (Predicting best options: “can you tell me the best time to start a business, or move?”)
# Natal Chart Astrology (Personality profile based on the position of the sun and other planets at your birth.)

The one that changes is Sidereal Astrology, also known to many as Vedic Astrology. This is the Astrology that is based specifically on the constellation coordinates.

Tropical Astrology uses the constellations as a mnemonic device and splits the 360º degree into 12 sectors of 30ºdegrees (days) each.

In Sidereal Astrology, Scorpius is only 7º long. Serpentarius aka Ophiuchus is about 20º long, so in Tropical Astrology, they are combined under Scorpius. There are other odd signs that don’t fit. Virgo for example, is 40º long. Also Serpantarius only has its foot in the ecliptic and overlaps into Sagittarius.

What a lot of people don’t know is that technically Libra and Virgo are the same “virgin” goddess. “The scales” are literally the scales of Virgo, sometimes called Astraea or Astarte. Virgo is often associated with sacred feminine archetypes like the Virgin Mary, Isis or Aphrodite/Venus, Freja, Ixchel and Ishtar. Each culture understands and identifies with this differently. This is Why Libra is “ruled” by Venus (along with Taurus). In many cases the scales are also equated with the chariot of Pluto (Hades).



There are so many variables in Astrology that I may write a book about it one day. There are no clear cut answers, but good astrologers know how it works and we have fun doing it. We also think it is healthy to be skeptical so that you always research points and gain more clarity and insight.

By scientific standards, you could not make any of this stick, this is why I insist that the subject of Astrology is a philosophy. PERHAPS one day we will find its origins tucked away with the secrets of Atlantis, Lemuria and Agartha.

For now, don’t believe the hype. Tropical Astrology (most commonly known as “Western Astrology”) is based on the 12 evenly divided sections of the earth and uses the positions of the stars/planets to determine your personality aspects. This is why you should always read the horoscope for your rising sign (ascendant) and your moon sign. There is also geometry used to determine how all of the planets are behaving in relation to one another, not to mention their house placements.

Go to


and put in your birth info, you will get all kinds of information FOR FREE!!!

In fact here is a great article that talks about Ophiuchus:


The earth does have a wobble and we are going backwards through the Zodiac. This is called “The precession of the equinoxes.” Since our galaxy turns once every 25,920 earth years, earth points to one sign for at least 2,160 years. This is called an “age.”—Did you know that our north star will be Vega in 14,000 year?–Yes the earth is being towed around the sun  at about 66,000 miles an hour by its gravity, while spinning on its axis at about 1,000 miles an hour. This motion is happening  while the sun is flying around the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy at about 423,000-490,000 mph. This is a giant organic clock, and Ophiuchus is one tiny little wheel in the machine. Point of clarification: Ophiuchus is also known as Asclepius, Serpantarius and Imhotep.

We are leaving The Age of Pisces and entering The Age of Aquarius. Right now, the constellation you see the first day of spring is Pisces, in about 140 years it will be Aquarius. 2,160 years after that, it will be Capricorn and so on going counter-clockwise visiting all the signs of the zodiac.

There is way more to this, but since much of it is very esoteric I will stop here. Astrology is a very ancient philosophy. Any further questions…open a book. Or You can join my online Facebook page and ask questions. http://www.fb.com/astrolosophy

I hope you got what you needed from this epic, long-winded post.

I have studied the subject of astrology since childhood and I know which parts of astrology are applicable for me and which parts you could never prove.

I am ok with the inconsistencies because they demonstrates that humanity simply has not developed all of the proper tools to understand it all yet. I worked at a Science Museum in San Francisco called the Exploratorium for about 6-7 years. Therefore,  I understand science really well and I accept the idea that science is Magic explained while magic is science yet to be explained.

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read this article on Ophiuchus/Serpentarius for a great explanation.

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