Full Moon in Cancer: From Sovereignty to Strength

Happy New Year My Lovely Star Siblings!
Buckle your seat belts as the year of the horse draws to an end over the next month and we begin the year of the Goat/sheep on February 19, 2015!

⚡♋⚚♐✔Just like 2012 and 2013 were both in the water element for social change and upheaval, 2014 and 2015 are in the element of wood which is an element of growth change and planting or reinforcing roots.

⚡♋⚚♐✔We start the new year with a powerful FULL MOON IN CANCER!
1/4/15 8:54 pm PST, 11:54 pm EST, OR 1/5/15 4:54 am GMT.


⚡♋⚚♐✔Cancer is of the cardinal quality so it is leadership energy while it manages to be of the icosahedron/water element. This means passionate and emotional leadership that inspires empathy and compassion in how it pushes forward its agenda.

⚡♋⚚♐✔Expect a lot of emotions to pour out over the next week and forgive sudden sniper attacks as people tend to have trouble letting go of the world that is crumbling before their eyes while looking for firm footing in the world that is manifesting underneath their nose.

⚡♋⚚♐✔The God Janus represents the two types of focused time awareness. One face faces the past and reviews failures and success, while the other faces forward anticipating the endless possibility of the journey and path in front of us. 8 represents Lust and Strength. It is the Inanna with the Nemean lion symbolizing how infinite strength comes from infinite love. The common denominator is balance of everything that you look upon and handle. Balanced perspective and measured efforts!

Sacral Chakra (IE—sacrum), Orange, D Major, Adrenal Glands, Navel and perineum)The Moon, Water, Cancer.

Sacral Chakra (IE—sacrum), Orange, D Major, Adrenal Glands, Navel and perineum)The Moon, Water, Cancer.

⚡♋⚚♐✔After a year of riding the “chariot” of fire that is represented by Cancer sovereignty, This year of Leo strength emphasize the self-epression and autonomy that emerges when sovereignty loses its shell as a noun and becomes a tangible action verb.

⚡♋⚚♐✔Expect a drive that will help you to excel in your ambition, face and redefine “authority,” create authentic and native efficiency using organization and management of shared power and control.

⚡♋⚚♐✔This is the year of Oya, the Orisha of change and Archangel Michael. Changes will be unexpected, sudden and powerful contributing to Uranus in Aries’ agenda of higher octave human development.

⚡♋⚚♐✔The 7th Gong of the the cardinal grand cross hits March 15th, just days before a powerful 29º (anaretic degree) Solar Eclipse in Pisces. So expect karmic collection and redistribution to call upon the world for those that have taken more than they have given or shared.

⚡♋⚚♐✔With Cancer: The Moon Deity, opposing the fierce Capricorn sun, this full moon will force you to resolve emotional issues by aligning them with the duty and responsibility expected by the lord of time and limitations, Saturn. Since Saturn is now in Sagittarius, prepare to aim high and develop every leadership and “hero” characteristic lying just beneath the surface. Chiron/Sagittarius is a “wounded healer” that teaches through the bluntness of truth and reality, but faces the stark bite of cold reality with you until your aim, focus and outcome are aligned and you transmute the pain into progress!

Water Triplicity Icosahedron

There are three water signs. Each one has there on unique quality. Cancer is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed and Pisces is Mutable.

⚡♋⚚♐✔Cancer wisdom can be split between the octopus that holds on to the nostalgic past, the crab that prefers to side-step discomfort or the eternal dragon Ouroboros, that awakens when they must fiercely protect those that they love. So expect a magic carpet ride of emotions that will carry you through the hottest, driest and most desolate of emotional deserts while you face your unconscious mind and emotions you may not be ready to acknowledge.

⚡♋⚚♐✔Like Capricorn, the seagoat can climb to the highest mountains in triumph, it also has a fish’s tail to swim to the deepest darkest crushing depths of the proverbial emotional sea just like the octopus aspect of Cancer.

⚡♋⚚♐✔I share this because the Eris in Aries discord aspect means that we must face the fires of change in 2015. Learning to conduct the shadowy notes of disharmony hinge on accepting that the contrast of light and shadow is formula that you must learn to accept if you wish to live out a year of fully integrated mindfulness.

⚡♋⚚♐✔So don’t push the tide of emotions away, swim with the waves or break out with a surfboard or water-ski and ride the waves until you have deciphered the messages of wisdom encoded within them.
The good and the bad are represented as the TWO (2) snakes on Mercury’s Caduceus, one snake can harm and the other can heal. The two snakes also represent DNA codons and the I-Ching (both built on multiples of 8), indicating that the struggle to bring forces around us into order is simply who we are and what we do!

You got this!

Happy New Year!


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