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Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!
Cue: “Party Out of Bounds” off the “Party Mix” album by the B-52’s
WOW! The Taurus sun may have been slow at times but this year it really CHARGED ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO GEMINI. The journey through Taurus the bull this 2016 was like two book end explosions starting with the full moon in Scorpio April 21st and ramping up to the FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS TODAY!
There is a lot of fiery energy flying around, creating change, opportunity, and growth while pushing each of us to re-evaluate the amount of enlightenment, freedom and drive necessary to be happy while we sing our “song for a new generation.” There is a stellium in Sagittarius today as The Sun, Moon, and Mars enhance, echo and enthusiastically inspire us to push past the limitation and excuses of our mortality!
Mars in Sagittarius will keep our intellectual curiosity engaged and aroused. But since Mar’s energy will be opposite of the Gemini sun, the drive that we may receive from Mars may be fleeting as its opposing interaction with Gemini generates so much flow and energy that we are inclined to lose interest in any musings that are not consistently stimulating. So hang loose around responsibilities and obligations and drink in the “kool-aid” of The Full Moon in Sagittarius’ and do as much physical activity as you can. Remember That Sagittarius’ ruler is in Virgo, creating a square that may make accomplishing work seem like trying to do sit ups at the bottom of a swimming pool! If you must work, do the minimum, your job this weekend is to get some recreation in and blow-off some steam.
Especially because the physical engagement will limit the mindless and unconscious “mind-chatter” that can become unhinged during the moon in Sagittarius. That’s right, get enough exercise or risk becoming a verbal assassin with your opinions as you push your agenda with the sagittarius “bluntness bat” or throw your opinionated digs at others with sharp ninja star-like derision instead of glitter.
Since The FULL MOON is 1º Sagittarius when it opposes the 1º Gemini sun in the Jupiter Decanate of Sagittarius our opinions will seem rather exaggerated. When you decide that you are going to be heard by masking your thoughts in diplomacy, people are still likely to take your insights WAY TOO PERSONALLY! So either be careful, or be prepared to not take on drama that does not belong to you!
Instant gratification is a big theme this weekend! If you can get out and dance, rollerblade/skate surf or do anything more party oriented, do it! Especially anything physical that has elements of mind-bending fun! The Sapiosexual energy will reach a zenith tonight, so I am officially placing all Aquarius “Booty” on high alert. People will be looking to perform and spend their time in the company of those with minds that are just as smart as a person is good looking.
Since we are now beyond Aries’ need for the raw energy of leadership, pioneering and survival and the Taurus need for physically touch and venusian experiences in the material world, The Gemini sun will seem a bit crazy and unhinged! In Gemini, there is the Mercurial need to express ideas and share information with others, it is where we take our first steps through being a “seeker” towards being a scholar.
While the Gemini sun and the Sagittarius moon would seem to be the perfect compliment of opposites, the somewhat immature trait of gossiping that comes in the early stages of Gemini, tend to be met with the full brunt of Sagittarius’ contempt and intolerance for all things ignorant and unevolved. So if you are going to the “Centaur Party” please leave your stupid at home and check your ego at the door.

I stress leaving your ego out of it this weekend because Mercury stations direct this weekend but Mars, Saturn and Pluto remain in their retrograde cycles encouraging us to repeat cycles involving actions, limitations, finances and failures until we learn the short-term lessons that will enable us to free ourselves over the long-haul that is life.

Remember, Non-Violent Communication Skills Will Be Needed!

Always hear the ‘Yes’ in the ‘No’.
Never do anything that isn’t play.
Avoid ‘shoulding’ on others and yourself!
Ask before offering advice or reassurance.
Intellectual understanding blocks empathy.
Use anger as a wake-up call to unmet needs.
We need to receive empathy to give empathy.
Every time I mess up is a chance to practice.
Translate all self-judgments into self-empathy.
When we judge others we contribute to violence.
More tips can be found here!

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