Full Moon in Cancer: The Dark Side of the Moon

2018 Starts with heightened emotions and universal tears (cleansing!)

At the stroke of midnight between 2017 and 2018, the moon was at 29º Gemini (in Northern California Pacific Standard Time) as it transitions its way into Cancer. So expect your 2018 to be off to an emotionally charged beginning. Tip, be around fun happy positive people because the psychic energy that connects us will be higher than usual while the Moon is full in its home sign of Cancer.

Why is this important?


Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer

For those of us that discuss the philosophy and metaphysics of the stars, it is important because a full moon in Cancer always takes place during Capricorn season. Since Capricorn and Cancer are opposites, there are usually stark contrasts and oppositions that happen between people. This is particularly important in all of your close and intimate relationships. Especially family or friends that are so close that they are your family.


Yes, it’s all very primal, I know, but be careful or mindful of conflicts between the heart and the head. Keep a close eye on your job/duties, and or business as the atmosphere between ourselves and authority figures tend to heat up and end in a meltdown. As usual, I ask that you look for the opportunity in the conflict as a chance at creating better relationships and transcending the challenges that typically keep you and others from growing forward. Remember to always consider if your breakdown isn’t the last step that leads to a breakthrough and subsequent success.

The Transcendence of Pluto and the Autocratic Fist of Saturn while at home in Capricorn

Pluto and Saturn are both in Capricorn, so perhaps it is best to be mindful that the warm-spirited, new age, sentimental, and nurturing energy of Cancer doesn’t get you in trouble. You see, the world has become such a runaway “shitshow,” for the common person since the early 2000s. So it is important to not despair or ruminate. Many people now believe that the positive, life-affirming “secret,” that is called “the law of attraction,” is a fraud. A fraud for people that are hiding from the truth, using the umbrella of hope as a means to protect themselves from the torrent of cynical crocodile tears raining upon us all from the shallow, over-privileged oligarchs. Leaders and oligarchs that meet at the G20s and Bohemian groves of the world to plan the next way to inflict and reinforce the shock doctrine of austerity. Perhaps if you look closely at what is happening in the world, you will discover that your hope and determination is needed more than ever as the new name of the game is to change us all into reactionary thinkers that are devoid of empathy and compassion. Reactionary thinkers that are easily triggered by things that we don’t understand and don’t take the time to get to know. Perhaps this is the way we are most likely to give away all of our personal freedoms to the self-serving policies of the aristocrats running government authorities on every continent?

Even if you don’t live on the “dark side,” don’t become comfortably numb!

While I encourage you to trust and rely upon your intuition and your heart, Pluto and Saturn’s location in Capricorn, according to Tropical Astrology, suggest that a calamity of injustice under the discretionary authority of contemporary leaders will most likely be defeated using the strategy of Athene with the love power of the Aphrodite/Venus/Oshun/Astarte/Ishtar/Inanna archetype. Am I suggesting that we all become cynical, disparaging, non-believers of the love and positivity approach?


I am suggesting that all of the decay and toxic events happening in recent human history is meant to make us doubt the tools of “The Law of Attraction,” “The Four Agreements” Taoism, Buddhism, Sufism or religion and spirituality in general. Consider this time period the striking of the cosmic flint of changes that carry us through the cycles of the ages. Ages in Astrology are 2160 years totaling 25,920 years. If we are at or close to the so-called “Age of Aquarius,” then it is perhaps the time were parts of our shared dream of reality begins to be destroyed in order to make space for the new cycle and age that is inevitable. Just like Kali is the destroyer in the Hindu age called the Kali Yuga, it is a necessary part of the process for creation (or we are looking at an infinitely cosmic episode of hoarders in which we all blame each other for everything wrong in the world while no one accepts the responsibility to try and get this planet/human race together.

A plutocratic aristocrat leaders that believe that the working class should continue to finance the demise of the “working” or “middle class” through the hyperinflation of organic healthy foods, ridiculously high health insurance, and the magic of the quicksilver-like shortening of life expectancy from those that are swinging a machete at it all just trying to get through the forest.

Add that the sun and Venus are also in Capricorn, while Mars, Jupiter and Vesta are all in Scorpio making that which you feel but can’t describe even more intense with an extra serving of “it’s right on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t quite figure out what I want to say,” sense of helplessness that one feels when bringing a butter knife to a gunfight. Mars in Scorpio will definitely turn the intense hostile energy up while Jupiter blows those flames until the coal that was once your heart ignites into a fire worthy of Canis Majoris VY only to be expressed as the most passive-aggressive behavior that can fit through Cancer’s claw filters. Whatever you thought you were not going to say, you are going to say because Mercury is in Sagittarius! Can you say, “permanent hoof in mouth syndrome?” So this next few days will be full of those purveyors that can dish it out but cannot take it. So before you use the “bluntness bat” of Sagittarius to communicate, check in with the side of you that is more committed to “the Law of attraction,” The Four Agreements” and Eckhart Tolle contemporary visionaries. Perhaps you can create progress towards your goals not contempt amongst your allies. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius under Scorpio’s influence means that your passionate feelings might exaggerate how you respond. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill (or haciendo una tormenta en un vaso de agua.) Your reasons could be sound but your response may get carried away into overkill.


Rebel without applause!

So while all of the crazy of the Sun opposing the moon at 11º degrees is taking place Mercury in Sagittarius is your interpreter at your therapist’s appointment and he is using his DJ equipment and crashing speed metal songs with dubstep and gangsta rap to share and expand on all matters delicate and prickly. Remember that damn centaur isn’t candy-coating anything for anybody. Mars Jupiter and Vesta may also play the role of polygamist paramedics that are throwing a party in the library of their home while discussing how suffering builds character because it leads to transcendence and the elevation and enlightenment that their existentialist hearts craves. So to be the rebel for the next few weeks you essentially have to ignore that part of you that wants to curse someone out, commit assault or ball up in the corner of a room and cry like a baby. It’s battle armor time people. It may be just this Cancer full moon, but with Sagittarius’ arrows, Scorpio’s tail and Cancer’s ability to morph into an octopus or Oroborous the dragon, It’s officially sniper season! If we listen to our better angels, we will emerge like beautiful butterflies from our chrysalis with unity and knowledge. Everyone else may not see your growth, but you and your rebel heart will know.

Game on

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be loving and kind to yourself and to others. Say honestly what you feel without being a brat about it. Don’t candy coat, yet use words that will inspire others to listen. Finally, ask yourself, what am I supposed to learn from these challenges?
Beware, ex-lovers are like boomerangs right now and they will stick to you like crazy glue. Emphasis on the CRAZY part!
How do you plan on making 2018 work for you!?

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