The Big One!?

Harmony: 10 more days until the Mayan New Year and the Full Moon!

The Summary:

Aquarius: Uranus rules Aquarius

Leo: The LionLeo: The Lion is said to be the constellation that the Sphinx in Egypt is looking at. Could it be that the Sphynx was built 11,000 years ago, or perhaps more than 36,000 years. New evidence suggest an investigation is needed.

On July 25, 2010 we will have a Full moon in Aquarius at 3º degrees and the full moon will show us love at approximately 9:36pm EST and 6:36pm Pacific here on the California Coast. The Mayan calendar’s “day out of time” coincides with the full moon in Aquarius. Which means we are all

in for an unpredictable and unique year. A unique year full of lofty, high minded Uranian ideals, creativity and group harmony for those whom choose inclusion over exclusion. If there is ever a time to go to a great party it would be that weekend.

The sun will be in Leo and the Moon will be on the opposite side of the Earth (That is called an opposition in Astrology and in Geometry; Roughly 180º degrees around the 360º degree circle.)

Venus will be happily sitting in Virgo scrutinizing every detail of what is lacking in your love life and communicating about it as much as possible. (Read: nagging) Hold on lovebirds, the ride will become a sizzling one about August 8th when Venus slips into one of the signs she Rules: Libra!

Something quite fun happens this July. On July 25th it is considered a “day out of time” as it is the first day of the New Year on the Mayan Calendar. Remember that the Mayan calendar runs according to the moon not the sun. Did I mention that the 25th of July this year is the first face of the full Moon in Aquarius? The reason this could be “fun” as I said earlier is because alignment of the Mayan Calendar does not happen too often because the way solar (sun) and lunar (moon) calendars are structured.

Aquarius: The Next Age!

Since the people in the Western world live mostly by the Gregorian Calendar our 365 day year is very unevenly split between the 360º degree circle. This is why we have leap years that only allow for us to have a February 29th every fourth year, some months that are 28 days, some that are 30 days long and some that are 31 days long. WHAT A BIG MESS!

The Mayan Calendar has its own method as it is based on the inherent cycle of women. Most women know that their “personal moon” visits 13 times each year instead of 12. In a Mayan Calendar  you will have thirteen 28 day cycle pages. There is a 13 day count, a 20 day count corresponding to the 20 Mayan Zodiac Signs, a 260 day count Tzolk’in that corresponds to the full maturity of a human fetus from conception to birth.  Then there is a count that resembles the Gregorian calendar of 360º the “Tun”, there is a “divine” count of 52 year count and 5,125 year counts as well. That last count is why so many people are concerned about 2012. Relax people, it is not supposed to be some scary event, it is simply the point in the rotation of the galaxy, the Milky Way where the planes or centers of star systems come back into alignment. You are not going to die, but rumor has it that the human race is supposed to do some growing up. Stay tuned.

All of the things I just discussed definitely means that we are ALL in for a very interesting and unique ride this next 13 Full moons around the earth (year) While the earth spirals in an elliptical path around the sun!

Scientifically speaking, as the earth rotates at 1,000 miles an hour at the equator, the gravity of the sun pulls on the earth with tremendous force while the moon pulls at it from the opposite side of the earth. You can expect the gravitational tug of war to start within 2-3 days of the actual full moon. At that time you will usually see a lot of large waves crashing upon our shores as the waters push their way further up the san on the coastal beach areas.

DualityPhilosophically speaking, you may have some pretty vivid dreams and some seriously sleep deprived nights around this time. Perhaps keep a dream journal or book next to the bed. In relating to others you can expect egos to get larger than they normally do and people’s emotional reactions to be a lot more dramatic at this time of the month. Under an Aquarius moon, expect the unexpected! Try not to take sudden shifts in people’s moods personally and you will have a much better time than many around the end of July.

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