Maia: Pleiadian Goddess, Ruler of May

Maia: Pleiadian Goddess, Mother of Hermes, Ruler of May!


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The Quick Summary:

The Mother Goddess of the Zodiac

The Mother Goddess of the Zodiac

May is the month of Mother’s day in the United States of America that is associated with the signs of Venus ruled Taurus and Mercury ruled Gemini. As fixed Taurus transitions into mutable Gemini, the emphasis is focused on the communicative art world and the our collective capacity to push the outer limits of our intelligence. This is a time that we wonder and ponder the multiverse and our role in it. Since Maia is the Goddess that is Mercury’s mother, it seems fitting that she is the main focus of this article that connects her to the name of the current month of May. This May of 2011 is sizzling with fiery action because Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are all in the cardinal fire-sign of Aries. The information below discuses these points in greater detail while managing to touch on the Iliad and the Odyssey with mention of a few Titans, and Olympians along the way. It is important to remember that this article discusses mythology from the patriarchal (male dominated) point of view that colors Roman and Greek civilizations. Please keep in mind that the feminine qualities of females are emphasized and their more masculine “war-like” traits are diminished. I mention this because it is important to recognize that the female Goddesses are just as strong and influential as the male Gods. Furthermore, it should be noted that there is an equivalent of these “archetype” Gods in world mythology in different cultures on all continents. For example, the discussion of Zeus as a “sky god” does not mean that he is the first or only “sky god” in mythology. I am also not suggesting that the Olympians are in any way superior to the pantheons of deities found all over the world. The Greek sky god Zeus’ name will be used interchangeably with his Roman equivalent (Jupiter). Please consider that there is an African equivalent (Heru/Horus), Meso-American equivalent of Quetzalcoatl, a Norse equivalent (Thor). It is important to note that these myths repeat in Norse/Teutonic, Egyptian/Kemetic, Mayan/Aztec, Incan and Christian stories and mythology. The Gemini twins can also be seen as the Hero Twins of the Popul Vuh, Hero twins of the Navajo, The twins Apollo and Artemis of Greece, Liza and Mawu of West Africa, Romulus and Remus of Rome and Utu and Innana of Sumeria.

Mercury (Known in Greece as Hermes.)

Mercury (Known in Greece as Hermes.

The Epic Details

May is considered to be the height of spring under the Venus ruled fixed sign of Taurus. April is ruled by Aphrodite (Venus/Het-heru/Ma’at/Ixchel), so naturally Taurus began early on April 21st signifying the hope of more love, justice and routine. Venus is currently in the sign of Aries, (one of Venus’ hottest lovers), so love is in the air and spring is in full fling. This year, Gemini starts on May 22nd 2011 at 3:57 PM UTC (That’s 7:57 AM for us folks in California.) Gemini is the sign of the twins, in the constellation named after Castor  (Kastor in Greek) and Pollux (Polydeuces in Greek). There is also a set of females twins named Clytemnestra and Helen. Helen’s claim to fame comes from her role in starting the Trojan war,  hence her popular title, “Helen of Troy.” Helen’s beauty was so profound that she is literally where we get the term, “the face that launched a thousand ships,” because it would be more than 1,000 ships and 20 years later before Odysseus returned from the Trojan war.

There are arguments that suggest that both sets of twins together are called the “Dioscuri,” but since the word translates into “sons of Zeus,” people normally assume that this refers to Castor and Pollux. Considering the nuances of language translation, it could mean “children of Zeus.”

PLEIADES: The Seven Daughter of Atlas. Maia is the eldest Pleiadian sister goddess who has dominion over the mountains. She is the mother of Merucry and Lover of Jupiter.

PLEIADES: The Seven Daughter of Atlas. Maia is the eldest Pleiadian sister goddess who has dominion over the mountains. She is the mother of Merucry and Lover of Jupiter.

Should you ever decide you want details, I encourage you to read the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer. There is never any evidence presented to prove which of the four children were the God/Goddess and which were mortal. It is commonly accepted that Castor and Helen were the immortals, while Pollux and Clytemnestra were considered the mortals conceived by Leda’s husband King Tyndareus of Sparta. The story is that Zeus seduced (or in some versions perhaps raped) Leda while assuming the form of a beautiful swan. The “Mercury ruled” Gemini twins were born out of eggs that Leda laid after the affair with Zeus. Talk about an affair to remember. Castor and Pollux were said to have been along with Jason and the Argonauts who was trained by that master teacher of heroes, Chiron (Cheiron, Kheiron in Greece). Chiron is the wounded healer  that many of you know as that centaur in the zodiac called “Sagittarius.” Many of these characters were discussed in the blind poet Homer’s Epic hymns centered around the Trojan war. One of the biggest pieces of history to come out of these epic tales is the story of the Trojan Horse, an act associated with the “trickster” aspect of Mercury ruled Gemini.

Gemini Constellation: Castor and Pollux!

Gemini Constellation: Castor and Pollux!

Gemini’s ruling planet is called Mercury (in Greece the name is Hermes and in Egypt he is called Thoth or Tehuti.) Mercury is considered the Messenger of the Gods so it is no surprise that the planet next to the sun is named after Mercury. The sun has always been the most obvious symbol of a higher power in many civilizations in recorded history. The wings on Mercury’s helmet and shoes is why he is often associated with the angels and gives him his fast “quicksilver” reputation. In Hebrew and Christian theology the word angel actually translates as “messenger.” Mercury in some accounts, is considered to be a primordial God, but Mercury is mostly recognized as being an Olympian because of his father Jupiter.

Atlas: The Titan that holds up the sky over the earth. Ruler of the Mountains.

Atlas is Maia’s father, he is also brother of Prometheus, the God that steals fire from the gods and gives it to the human race.

Mercury’s mother Maia (Maia Maiestas in Rome), is likely to be where the word name for the month of May comes from. Maia symbolizes youth, life, rebirth, love and sexuality. Maia is consider to be a Mountain nymph and in mythology her father is a well-known primordial Titan named Atlas. Maia’s other claim to fame is that she is the eldest of seven sisters in mythology born to Atlas and his wife of Pleione called the Pleiades. There is a group of stars named after the sisters in the constellation of Taurus (Horus in antiquity). Since Taurus ends around May 21st and the Pleiadeas stars are a part of the Taurus constellation, it is not that surprising why the current month is named the month of May. Maia was said to be the most beautiful of the Pleiadian sisters. This shy earth nymph lived in the mountains, making it easy for Zeus (Jupiter) to seduce her without his wife Hera (Juno in Rome) finding out.

Maia and Hermes (Mercury)

Maia and Hermes (Mercury)

When Mercury (Hermes) was born, he immediately got into the mischief that he would eventually be known for. This may indicate in part, where the Mercury retrograde theory comes from.

When still an infant, Mercury stole cattle from the god Apollo, and hid them in his mother’s mountain cave. When Apollo stormed into Maia’s cave, she showed him the tiny baby to prove he could not have been the cattle thief. Although Mercury was only a day old, Apollo was not fooled. Apollo appealed to Jupiter (Zeus) to punish Mercury. Jupiter arbitrated by requiring Mercury to give back the cattle. During the feud, baby Mercury played the lyre, and Apollo was so enchanted by the music that he dropped the charges, and even gave some of the cattle to Mercury, as well as other gifts. Apollo would use the lyre in his role as the patron of the Muses. (The 9 sister goddesses that give us words like “music” and “museum”).

Celebrate the month of May and it’s connection to epic tales, beauty, mother goddesses and Gemini rock and roll icons like Stevie Nicks, Lauryn Hill, Prince, Kyle Minogue, and Cee-Lo Green to name a few. May is the height of spring, a showcase of that natural beauty that exist to keep our lives full of light and hope. Under Taurus and Gemini, May is a time of great artistic beauty, joy and creativity. Be sure to bask in the beautiful sunshine, smell the flowers and swim in the waters of renewal for in May hope springs eternal.

The Pleiades Stars

Summary of the Iliad

Summary of the Odyssey

A special tribute to the “Maia” or Gypsy of the Rock and Roll world, Stevie Nicks!

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks: Gemini Gypsy, a modern day rock and roll personification of Maia


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