Mars in Capricorn

Hello Star Family-

I hope that you have all been making the necessary adjustments to work with the energy from the solar eclipse and ample amounts of solar flares we have encountered recently.


The week begins with plenty of action and creativity. So all of the adrenaline junkies will not be disappointed as we finish up the fiery Sagittarius moon and hike our way through the mountainous virtues of the Capricorn moon to the high ideals of the Aquarius moon. Since Sagittarius energy is the essence of adventure, optimism, challenges and development of all kinds, Mars’ recent move from Sagittarius into Capricorn underlines all issues relating to father Saturn.

The recent eclipse may mark the new semester of changes that we need to focus on through the next equinox, but many will feel like they are already being put through “mid-term” exams. Since Mars is the planet of energy, vitality and self maintenance, it is important to direct or channel that energy into planning and participating in actions that bring you closer to achievements that you crave.

capricorn_saturn_irmaWhy Is This Important?

Saturn rules the zodiac sign(s) of Capricorn and Aquarius and is known for the foundation and structure that we encounter in everyday life. Saturn represents rules, boundaries, order of operations, and ordinal process in general. Saturn often represents the father or any other “authority” figure in your life. That’s right, Saturn is your boss, every nasty clerk at the DMV, rent or mortgage payments and taxes that are taken or “collected” to ensure functionality to our various nations. Mars individuality may want you to request a refund when things don’t work as promised. However, Mars in Capricorn creates conflict because Capricorn’s ruler Saturn, places a greater emphasis on power over fairness and justice. While Mars energy is known to fight the “status quo,” it will usually subvert or undermine that same system the minute it goes against Mars’ agenda.

How Does This Apply To You?

With The Sun, Venus, transiting Scorpio, we have the issues of our will, passionate desires, and ethics having conflicts with individuals and institutions that seek to identify and define your sovereignty. Since Mars is a personal planet, its placement in Capricorn increases pressure between you and any person or institution that is a threat to your individual expression. While Mars in Capricorn reduces the amount of philosophical crusades in your community, it is likely to reinforce a “follow the rules,” “tow the line,” wait your turn culture for the sake of order and “safety” for all.

The Problem?

Following the rules benefits everyone unless said rules and laws are not applied fairly or in their proper context. Examples would be people being prohibited from growing food in their own front yard, not being able to catch or store rain water in certain states, and Monsanto trying to manipulate the world’s food supply. Mars in Capricorn means sorting out the realities of regulations and rules so that they actually protect the citizens of the earth and mother earth herself. The conflict will be between those people that can see through the jargon and dogma of legislation and politics and educate people in language plain enough to empower and mobilize the disempowered masses.

Mars: The Scorpion (ID), The Eagle (EGO) and The Phoenix (SuperEgo)

One of Scorpio’s rulers is Mars. Mars can be  a rebel or maverick that wants to do things his own way. But Mar’s position in Capricorn represents the continual battle between the ID, The Ego, and the Super-Ego. Right away you may notice the “Super” connected to the third variety of “ego” personality type. This simply means above and beyond the norm.  Not that your ego has become so big it can now leap tall buildings in a single bound. But during conflicts of power, be on the look out for tiny butterfly twins that sing songs that potentially summon your ego from the shadowy depths of your subconscious complete with a rubber suit and bad subtitles.

The ID is supposed to be the primitive and instinctive component of personality. The id is the impulsive, unconscious part of our character which responds directly  to our instincts. The Ego develops in order to mediate between the unrealistic  demands of the ID and the external real world. The Ego is considered to be the decision making part of  our personality. The Super-Ego incorporates the values and morals of society which are learned from one’s parents and our institutional socialization in general (Churches, Schools, Jobs etc).
An oversimplified way  of explaining the relationship of the ID, Ego and Super-Ego would be to look at the ID as our immature and selfish impulses. The Ego serves  as our tool kit for getting what we want, and the super ego as our “moral” self. The super-ego is literally the, “I should” voice inside our head whenever you contemplate taking “the higher road.”

Modern Day Capricorn, always running up that mountain so fast that their "hooves" wear down before their will.

Modern Day Capricorn, always running up that mountain so fast that their “hooves” wear down before their will.

With Mercury making its way back through Libra to Scorpio, the hidden damage of laws that perpetuate abuses of discretionary power will now become defined so that they can be called out and challenged. Once Mercury reaches Scorpio and the Moon is full in Taurus on November 6th, expect that earthy sense of being grounded to go on a journey of discovery to escalate this interesting concept called equality. Are we living in a world of real equality or is everyone being sold limited equality under the facade of authentic equity? As Mars travels through Capricorn and heads towards the next exact square in December, authenticity, “forward thinking” and expansion of education that enables and empowers will build over under the Sagittarius sun.

How Does That Apply To This Week?

If you know about oppression, the only way to combat it is to find out exactly how it works and begin to organize your way out of it by using the rules of its structure against it like playing a game of institutional martial arts whereby you uses the attackers strength and speed against them. Yes, You must learn the sage movements of “Goat-Fu!” Capricorn/Saturn will smack you down if you don’t prepare ahead of time. SO you had better train as if you are the love child of Jackie Chan and Ziyi Zhang or Michelle Yeoh. I mean that verbally, intellectually and emotionally because Mercury will be helping us to uncover a lot more hidden surprises under Scorpio’s long, long Plutonian shadow. Be as stealthy as possible with regard to all projects and make sure you align your objectives with others so that you will reach your objectives. Its all about Mars management.

How Does One Begin to Manage That Petulant Sock Puppet Mars?

Manage mars in the same way you would manage children at a birthday party or  an overnight slumber party.

  • Schedules tons of activities
  • Continue to remind people around you of upcoming events to keep everyone on task
  • Yet leave plenty of room to change and adjust the plan according to the flow and mood of the participants in the environment

You may find that you are in several battles in a war of the god of focused energy. The issue is that Mercury is not entirely out of its shadow and  the energy is vacillating between ADHD and obsessive compulsive disorder. One minute you have it all together and you are as cool as the Dali Lama meditating on an iceberg and the next moment you are a transcendent phoenix dancing on a bin bin birds nest on the mouth of the Krakatoa Volcano.

Recognizing the needs of others may be a challenge but it is the key to success during turbulent and dynamic energies. This is definitely not a “doom and gloom” window of energy. It is simply the warm up before another exact square. Focus on Jupiter in Leo’s expanding Carnival of cray by ensuring support and acknowledgement of all those around you as each person makes each valiant hurdle towards personal and collective victory. Be prepared for more beginnings and endings. When Pluto and Mars conjoin, things should get pretty interesting.

Don’t let any of the snipers or haters get you down where you may become susceptible to negative thinking. Its “The Law of Attraction” all the way through December if you want to kiss Saturn in Scorpio goodbye with a smile upon his face. While you are at it, take his sickle and go full Trinity on his @$$.

Have a great week star brothers and “sistars.”

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