Mars comes out of Retrograde.

Time for things to speed up. With Mercury out of retrograde on April 4th and Mars coming out of retrograde on the 13th, thought and action can once again do their elegant dance of constructive productivity. But don’t think that you are getting off that easy- since Mars is going direct under it’s native Aries sun, expect lots of provocative action that will lead to lots of growth, if you can get past the frustration.

Mercury went retrograde in Aries and is currently in Pisces. So the cosmic trickster does not finish his creative touches until April 16th when Mercury goes back into Aries. Only then will the mess that was created on Mercury’s watch come close to being done.

Don’t get too comfy, over the next six weeks both Pluto and Venus will go retrograde. Don’t expect the big smack-down we got when Uranus went into Aries last year (complete with a Tsunami). Pluto’s effect will have a more subtle impact, it’s about having a personal revolution in the context of the larger change ushered in under the year of the dragon.

Keeping with this year’s theme of transformation, the dramas in your life may stay consistent but your response to adversity will feel more like measured and tangible control, provided that you claim victory from the beginning.

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