Mercury Retrograde: Curious Rant!

Mercury Retrograde: Curious Rant!

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My heart burns for each one of us to find the path that leads to the more ideal world that our imaginations create as we going about the business of living our lives.


You know, the one with wealth equality, live/work balance, and community abundance that supports giving each a choice to remain in the cradles that we were each raised in while allowing for the door of opportunity to remain open to the endless possibilities of being transnational and living abroad or “ALL OVER THE WORLD!”
Such a world where we learn to get along better, support each other better and master the tools we need to have a good life and contribute to the development of a better world for everyone.


Then Mercury Retrograde arrives with a surprise Reality gram containing a Midterm challenge to make you re-evaluate what you ***thought*** you knew about that which was *going on in your life.*

#Change #Challenges

Damn Mercury, you couldn’t have sent me an email? Or Hell, even a calendar date request so that I could have chosen “tentative.” Tentative would both describe my mood and behavior. I need sane choices if you are gonna expect me to live in such an insane world. The challenges with work, home, and community on certain days this retrograde cycle(March 22 – April 15 ) has lead to the conclusion that the world has officially gone “off the rails of a crazy train?” So yeah Mercury, I going to need you to flash me out of the 9th layer of hell described in “Dante’s Inferno.”
I would have been happy for any sign –even if it was locust, the four horsemen of the apocalypse a tidal wave, or (dare to dream), an Email would have been a nice touch.


This current cycle of Mercury Retrograde under Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, has made many of us saltier than a pretzel soaking in room temperature soy sauce.
OH MY GOD! This retrograde cycle has us all going through our tool box only to discover that we have misplaced some of those necessary tools or in some cases, we can find the tools but quickly discover that we have forgotten how to use them in the most effective way(s).

#TheStoke, #TheSlaveToTheRythm

So this retrograde cycle is reminding us that many are still in the reigns of austerity. This goes back to my burning hearth for humanity. If humanity, across all ages and stages, is in a continual loop of ascending and descending Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” towards the ideals of “self-actualization,” How are we supposed to handle all of the personal stuff and balance that with the collective work that supposedly got us to the age of the opposable thumb?
For most people life is a grind of working the majority of your week and filling the time with trivial things such as living, eating, sleeping, (or dare to dream again) having down time with love ones or EVEN ALONE. Many of us are told that such personal and global awareness, empathy and compassion help us to manifest a healthier shared dream/Existence/Life. But can we achieve such a thing while we are running endlessly like Prometheus on a Hamster’s wheel.
What are your thought and opinions about these Mercury musings?


How do you balance all the “necessary,” or “prudent,” mindset (Hive mind?) needed to pay off the karmic debt we may owe? You know, the debt we owe for not being able to fight the gears of the machine? How do we prevent this mindset or form of conscience from changing us all into one big cybernetic world of computer bytes and organic material?


Are we bleeding out our humanity? With Uranus, The sun, Eris and Mercury all in Aries, there is a lot of petulant prankster energy afoot. This is a great time exercising your autonomy, sense of individuality, and authenticity. You know, Cosmic life coach’s mantra of live your truth, even if sometimes this gesture is taken as a token attempt  to selfishly have it all “your way.”

Will we ever figure out how to answer some of these questions?



Well I certainly hope so! I still have not let go of my “pie in the sky” mentality. I still have faith that we can do it, but we are going to have to demand more tools for handling our, “bait and switch world.” Is it silly to think we live in the type of world where we can be world travelers that contribute to individual and collective development? Can we actually create the ideals of the Age of Aquarius or should I just go watch a movie and forget about it?


Do we focus on just “duty” and responsibility and manifest this more ideal world now or should we just focus on trying to just stay on top of this survival thing? I want my “Bread and Circuses,“—stop the world, I want to get off!


Hey, My attitude towards the “cosmic magician” is to kiss my A$$, not KICK my A$$…OUCH!
Mercury has not won this round yet, but boy does my Derriere ache from being punted too many times by the unequal encounters of power struggles that are typical in the day-to-day lives on this flying marble.


The earth is ready and moving towards being a more whole, or “whole-some,” healthy, open and secure society. One that is healthy and secure enough to want to do the work necessary with others to co-create/manifest a world that responsibly takes care of each person on the planet under the concept/ideal of reciprocity, without all of the trappings of George Orwell’s 1984. Or damn, maybe it was more like “Animal House!?”
Oh well, the Taurus sun is right around the corner. We come out of retrograde on April 15th, and Taurus begins April 19, 8:12 PM PDT! Then we have the full moon in scorpio on April 29th, 5:59 pm PDT. More on that in an upcoming post.
Meanwhile, I ask that anyone reading this to place this post in the inbox of anyone that you think might need it. This may help my heart to burn just a little less. I’m going to meet the concept of Mercury Retrograde by meeting it halfway so I can take responsibility in situations when perhaps I should have been more careful. This is my way of playing with the current mood off the cosmos under the climate of Mercury’s crazy cray cray.
Or you can write something nice on their timeline. Hell, take them to coffee. Let’s do our best to make a better shared dream
“Worry is itself an illness, since worry is an accusation against Divine Wisdom, a criticism of Divine Mercy.”
― Bediüzzaman Said Nursî

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