Mercury Retrograde is Coming

Mercury: The Messenger of the Gods. Associated with Speed, Commerce, Communications, Education and the Mind!

Mercury: The Messenger of the Gods.

August 20, 2010
3:59 pm EDT
12:59 pm PDT

Mercury will go retrograde like it does every 88 days. Remember folks, Mercury never ACTUALLY GOES BACKWARDS, IT JUST APPEARS THAT WAY TO US ON EARTH. In Astrolosophy™, it is the apparent motion of the body that has an effect on our daily lives. This is usually not a good time to sign contracts, it is also a time of false starts and sometimes you can have a complete turn-around on things that may not be going to well. Remember, retrograde is not ALWAYS a bad thing. Mercury goes retrograde under Virgo this time, so perhaps we will have a little less of Andromeda’s (Virgo’s Mythological name, Males are often called Perseus) criticism running around our her.

Good Luck!

We are all going to need it until the end of September.

PS If you need to get to an important event, try to be there at least 30 minutes early. “Lateness” is one of the effects.

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