Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon?

In this post I discuss Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon. I am sending you lots of love and positivity by being brutally honest. In this coming Mayan Lunar new year, I know that your plates will be full, your cup will runneth over and your dance card will be completely FULL!

In this last lunar cycle, Venus went into Virgo on July 9th, shortly after Neptune and Mars went stationed retrograde. Now in the world of the strictly science minded, this means NOTHING. It is an absolute optical illusion where these planets appear to stop and move backwards in the sky. Now for the rest of you who don’t feel that they need their understanding of consciousness to be ALL based on the scientific method or have astrological theory quantified in this weeks touch of existentialism The remaining paragraphs are for you. Remember, never take the word of this crazy old mystic. Instead, read what all of the distinct writers from different cultures have to say about this weeks FULL MOON ECLIPSE and the alignment of the south node to Aquarius.

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon: I love Cancer

I love Cancer, no matter how much of a pain that energy can be. You know, about the (over) shared emotions that most people deflect like Wonder Woman involving villains and innocent “victims.” Yes, that new moon in Cancer two weeks ago, was a major cosmic mirror that cast a reflection of both light and shadow leaving an overwhelming sense of inadequacy that led most to believe that they were not being valued by the same world that was demanding far too much of each of us.

So emotional and social sniper season was in full effect. Everyone seemed to have inherited Cancer’s crab claws and there was no fear in snapping at anyone with them. Mostly because people were feeling their own sense of a despair that made us look past the good in the world and focus on that which was negative about every situation. This Full moon will be different because the onslaught of too much emotional energy was a lot more self-absorbed.

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon: This Week!

This week the moon will be full in Aquarius. We will all likely still be working out a lot internally, but you will see that play out in a different context. Aquarian energy is much more focused on the collective efforts towards the improvement of our global home (The water from Aquarius’ jug) over the individual association with our own personal home (Cancer’s shell).

Aquarius’ jug on the full “thunder moon” this week can be used as a superconductor of forgiveness along with dedication to the issues that unite us instead of separate us.

I don’t care which nation state you live in.

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon: fascism

Nationalism and other forms of demagoguery, fascism as well as any form of megalomania has begun its descent into the fiery pit of hell to be cleansed and remodulated into behaviors that are not so toxic for the planet. Being American, (although my ancestors were eventually seen as “stolen property”) I am subjected to one of the most embarrassing horror shows know to the human race. Yes, I am talking about our President, by way of the failed electoral (clown) college system. Since 2018 is almost over, I must accept that what I perceive of as an Oompa Loompa on a really bad LSD trip is out there exposing just how stupid (insert your own adjective here), we as Americans can be. At least the really privileged ones that have no idea or contextual understanding of the people of which they are recklessly setting policy to impact.

Is this about bashing the current president?
No! I can respect the office in perpetuity, but I am definitely not obligated to respect its current occupant in light of behavior that the whole world is aware of. So this is not seditious speech but rather the child slave of a nation practicing my right to free speech and the descent of toxic individuals, not a nation.

Why are these bad signs a good thing?

The current POTUS, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and every other fascist plutocrat or dictators have become clear examples of what the collective on this earth DO NOT WANT! So they way I see it, our current “village idiot,” along with his buddies from Russia and North Korea, are allowing the POTUS to really let down his hair and show us the cards he’s dealing with even though it is quite obvious that he is not playing with a full deck. (Should this be spelled “fool deck?” All puns intended).

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon:Why is this Relevant?

Behaviors such as:
Are all examples of how “The American Dream” has become a nightmare for the average citizen simply because we are watching our rights erode and disappear through disproportionately applied taxation, policy being set by the wealth or more affluent members of Congress, a constitution and Bill of rights that is not uniformly applied and an economy that now relies on creating and maintaining the same inequities that the “fore-fathers were trying to escape in this almost 250 year old start-up called “The United States of America.” The reason that this is relevant to the earth’s collective of struggles and growth is because the country was supposedly founded on principles that citizens respected leading to an open door of opportunity that made America a leader by example (at least at the outset).

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon: Evidence?

Now we see EVIDENCE that the country’s principles have moved out of alignment with its promise and integrity. To be fair, I am referring to the current leadership of the country. Not just the Executive Branch, but there seems to be shady people at the judicial and legislative levels as well. As the world witnesses heinous acts around the global, citizens on every continent are re-evaluating the rule of law and whether or not the concept of justice is real or simply a fairy tale that only the top tiered citizens enjoy gobal politics are rooted in the fact that Pluto and Saturn are slowly moving into conjunction creating a well-spring of evolutionary change in a very restrictive and authoritative manner. Pluto as you may know, is all about the type of changes that you cannot negotiate about, therefore, it is very important that you implement any and all changes as slowly as you can while being careful about surprising or repressing any part of your growth. If too much pressure build beneath the surface of change, the results can be as catastrophic as a volcanic eruption strong enough to create another set of Islands similar to Hawaii.

Remember that the only promise between life and death is CHANGE. Since the full moon in Aquarius is taking place right after the “day out of time,” or the Mayan Lunar New Year, it is about making change and adapting to that change as authentically as you can with a sense of self-determination and autonomy of the social, political and economic authorities that are rooted in our socialized relationships with power and authority.

Change will seem a bit tricky as Mercury stations retrograde on July 25th or 26th in Leo (depending on where you are in the world) leaving us all chasing our tails as we struggle to meet obligations in a barrage of repeating lessons in shadow work. The more you look at your character development and actions positively, it leaves a huge “blind spot” in that rearview mirror of judgment that you use to learn, evolve and transcend or “level up.” So while we grapple with the circus that is Mercury Retrograde, Venus in Virgo adds another level of restriction as Virgo’s energy often filters and restricts Venus’ free spirit.

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon: Down to Earth?

This is a great time to “clear the air,” in any and all relationships. Personal and business relationship will become challenging if you don’t resolve disagreements, discomforts or general dislikes that may have come up between you and the “other” in any of your relationships. So considering the intensity of Pluto in Capricorn’s non-negotiable change along with the nature of Saturn in Capricorns clear definitions of the boundaries, talk about everything that has bothered you. Even if such discomforts in the relationship are simply mild annoyances. Your career and work world will move forward relatively smoothly as you focus on reality over fantasy as Venus in Virgo harmonizes with Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in earth signs.

Uranus’ in Taurus’ influence is about creating economic stability and safety nets. The problem? In the sign of Taurus, there will be plenty of rigor and tenacity put towards creating economic and material stability but since Taurus is ruled by Venus, those “I gotta have it now,” moments will go against your desire for safety and comfort.

Venus in Virgo could potentially help you make practical choices that sustain a healthier 2nd half of 2018. The challenge is that Venus in Virgo (another earth sign) is currently opposed to Neptune in Pisces. So all of the practical choices and decisions that one could make may easily be mowed down by the bowling ball of self-undoing that Neptune in Pisces could randomly throw at you at any moment striking down each of the pins that you set up so carefully so hard that the pins land in a pile of splinters under the force of the ball of self-undoing.

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon: Ambivert

Neptune in Pisces also creates an aspect that may make you want to escape reality and responsibility. This will be especially tough during this lunar full moon cycle as Aquarius is the classic “ambivert,” that creates a conflict with wanting to retreat and be alone versus be around others that are helping to holistically heal the world. The introvert and extrovert characteristics that define being an ambivert can never fully stay on one side of the equation. The best solution is to keep that mind of yours engaged. Some people do it through writing and others do it through art. Either approach will benefit you as long as it is based on that which you authentically want. Whatever you decide, remember that you cannot control everything.

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon: Common Denominator

Like Yom Kippur, Ashura or the sacred day of July 10th are aligned in the concept of tabula rasa, The first day of the year of the Red Cosmic Moon is about an agreement to let go of the past with forgiveness in place of judgments of yourself or others. Jupiter in Scorpio’s energy will continue to expand that compassionate mission to find common ground as long as you can remember not to overthink it. Eventually Jupiter will move into Sagittarius (on November 8th, Jupiter’s Home) and the climate of war and peace will really expand faster than Saturn in Capricorn can contract it.

The tone of completion is here for many of us. Red Cosmic Moon is the Wild card of all unseen forces of existentialism that cannot be successfully defined by science or religion. This is the type of unexpected change that can open you up to the touch of destiny that can only be seen through the Ajna or “Third-Eye.” Some ideas and concepts must remain in your subconscious so that you complete learning that may be necessary for breaking through the cosmic chrysalis of inter-dimensional shift that is needed to see and live with a stronger sense of clarity.

Those that help others should be conscious of the subtle shifts that you witness in yourself and others. Try and consider everything that you are transmitting in thought and in deeds along with everything that you are receiving from your environment: the whistling of birds, the laughter of small children, the tactile caress of people and pets that are close to you will be turned all the way up this week. So you must be careful about what you let in, unless you have a plan for transmuting all energy into energy that heals while simultaneously ditching toxic energies that disrupt your daily flow.

Mercury Retrograde and The Red Cosmic Moon: Archetypal Journeys

Since the Red Cosmic Moon is the “omniversal” seed of awakened awareness expect a very strong hyper-conscious awareness as we are getting ready to pass through the Lions Gate on 8/8. The Leonine energy between our cosmic kitty and Inanna/Ishtar (Sumerian Venus) represent that “running up that hill” that Kate Bush sang about while Prometheus keeps pushing that rock to the peak of the hill before having it roll back over him. The only difference is that now we are beginning to see that all experiences keep us growing, even when we are in a state of deep frustration and pain. The “Descent of Inanna” is the perfect archetype “(S)Hero’s Journey,” That underscores everything that happens between triumph and tragedy that propels us to grow or fall forward.

So while the world seems to color outside the lines this year, consider that you are on a quest of cosmic self-remembrance, that self-remembrance that we collect pieces of in our dreams and in the first moments upon our return to the “dreaming” that is this life and the subconscious domain of your higher more evolved self. I hope that you all stay focused on the art, music, colors and creative pursuits that help to deliver our world from the lower vibrations without developing too much of a judgment from those things in this world that we simply don’t have an understanding. We are all still working on developing that cosmic glossary of existentialism. However, if we continue to look at the teachings of the Orishas, Angels, Dragons, Jinns/genies, spirit animals and totems we all take one step closer to the moving target that is the truth.

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