Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: ALL ABOARD THE CRAZY PLANE!

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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Libralosophy
10/4/14 – 10/25/14

Sacral Chakra (IE—sacrum), Orange, D Major, Adrenal Glands, Navel and perineum)The Moon, Water, Cancer.

Sacral Chakra (IE—sacrum), Orange, D Major, Adrenal Glands, Navel and perineum)The Moon, Water, Cancer.

Well I can honestly say that I did a lot of shadow work before this retrograde, yet I still have this feeling like the other shoe is ready to drop.—A shoe drop that’s being anticipated like the buckets of rain mysteriously missing in California these days.

But before you go off the rails of the “crazy plane,” Re-member to Re-call and Re-cant all lessons that Re-affirm that you have the internal integrity to Re-integrate all of the Re-evaluations and Revelations that come from the Reality of Re-dundant cycles being projected onto you from external sources. Quick someone get me Morgan Freeman to Spin for my Crazy Plane Party! It’s going to be electric!

We start our internalization cycle deep in the underworld with Scorpio where all kinds of unseen information and emotion may jump out of the shadows wielding a machete and a mirror. However, for some of us it will be much easier to face that machete than that mirror.

Pretend like you are on a kids learning show and clap your hands and stomp your feet until you have the courage to face all of the ugly. you need to call upon Ms. Nancy from Romper Room, Freddy, Charlie and Henrietta from “The New Zoo Review,” or perhaps some of your favorite buddies from Zoom to get you through it, make it so.

I mention the theme of going inward through children’s television shows because the theme of regression as a defense mechanism shows that in the “Flight versus Fight” duality, most of us still RUN faster than an alley cat responding to the cry of an open can of TUNA!

You will notice all relationships and partnerships right now.Failed relationships, successful relationships, friendships, apprenticeships—you name it, you will notice and evaluate them all. Everyone in a relationship will be fantasizing about freedom, while everyone that is not in a loving relationship will be wondering if they are too broken to be with anyone other than themselves.

Is this a loss of despair? HELL NO! This is the polar oscillation that drives Pluto’s “chariot of fire” when a planet is in Libra. It’s not that Libra cannot make up their mind, its that they want to make sure that they are fair, just and virtuous. While this is great on the surface, it costs your thoughts A LOT OF WORK!

Throw a little bit of grand cross energized by a fire trine right in the middle of eclipse season and you have a Mercury retrograde that isn’t just setting a scary tone, you may begin to wonder if you will need little pretty color pills to keep you from the perils of defenestration.


Expect some Mercury Boomerang action. But not the kind you use on a safari. I am talking cheesy Wonder Woman/Lynda Carter throws her tiara at your old plans that fell apart and mysteriously knocks them down and lassos them back for you to resolve and create a happy ending kind of retrograde!

Don’t repeat the Mantra of Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart.” Instead focus on all of the events from your past that are trying finish up so you will have the space to create happiness.

Accentuate the positive, while I sing Villa Alegre!
Have a great weekend!

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