Moon in Gemini


Castor and Pollux also known as the Gemini Twins

Castor and Pollux also known as the Gemini Twins. In the constellation, two massive stars are at the head of each figure.

You like to exercise both your body and your mind. Your time is divided between

studying and socializing. You may live in more than one place, or change you residence often. You like to move. The Moon in Gemini is good for your intellect. You are attracted to the literary and scientific. This tends to indicate that the vocation you choose will also be intellectual; a writer, teacher, journalist, scientist, etc. But with the influence of Gemini you will probably change your vocation as often as your residence. The theme of Gemini continues through your life, as you may be ambidextrous, able to do two things at once. You may not always be honest, especially in your dealing with others. You are so good at it, often people may never know you have deceived them.

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