Moon in Scorpio


You absolutely love the great outdoors! You love the feeling of freedom that it gives you. People see you as a person who is

active, fond of travel & sports, and quite jovial (derived from Jove or Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius!). However, when you are not outside

Scorpius: The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix

Scorpius: The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix. This constellation is only 7º degrees long and with Ophiuchus make up the sign of Scorpio up until Sagittarius begins.

you may appear to be restless, both physically and mentally. You tend to act first, and think later. This is most apparent, and harmful, in conversation. You say whatever is on your mind, simply and bluntly. You are not always suited for diplomatic relations. As far as your occupation is concerned, you may be apt to changing it, or have more than one vocation. Overall you are good-natured, kind, and honest. You are very perceptive of others emotions. And if someone is hurt, you take it personally. You may have a short temper, but you are quick to forgive, and you never (well rarely,) hold a grudge. You are a good teacher because of your perspective on life. You can see the possible outcome of events long before they occur (your favorite phrase: ‘I told you so!’). Your intuition is strong, and often your dreams come true. This might indicate a psychic influence (but don’t count on it!). You can’t stay in one place for too long. You like to move!

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