Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo 9/5/2010

Moon in Leo 9/5/2010

The Moon is in Leo influencing a lot of movement, creativity and the need for some special attention. This is definitely a great time to get chores done. Planning arts and crafts or just blowing bubbles with children are the simple task that we can do for ourselves to remind us of the true beauty that life has to offer in full-color.

The planets of Love and War are in conjunction right now. Mars and Venus are both in Libra so there is a lot of adjustment going on in the background that will be bringing justice to many who felt things have been out of balance for the last two months. Saturn is also in Libra right now changing our relationship with authority into a healthier relationship that means more fairness with those who hold power. Those who abuse their discretionary power will be punished by Libra’s fire sword of justice.

The Sun

The Sun

The new moon will take place on September 8th. At that time The Sun, The Moon and Mercury will be in conjunction (in alignment in a row next to each other.) This is a time for correcting all business and work matters in your life that are not everything that you picture them to be. Let Virgo’s relationship with Mercury/Hermes give you the critical eye to evaluate all things and put them in proper perspective for a successful outcome.

For those of you who seek healing, art is the best form of meditation to bring more balance into your life. Chiron (in charge of healing) is aligned with Neptune (the planet that allows us to go deeper into our thoughts than we are comfortable with) inspires us to cleanse everything emotionally through art. The next few weeks will be full of fantastic dreams. Keep a journal next to your bed or you will miss the inspiration that the choir of muses will sing for you just before you wake up.

Mercury: The Messenger of the Gods. Assoicated with Speed, Commerce, Communications, Education and the Mind!

Mercury: The Messenger of the Gods.

Finally, Mercury will be coming out of retrograde around September 14th. However, the challenges and lessons will not be out of our way until after September 21st. The biggest challenges are now falling behind us this year as we race to the balancing breath of fresh air that Libra will bring to us on the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd at 8:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

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