More than just your Sun-Sign?

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You are more than just your Sun Sign

Everyone who knows anything about astrology usually only knows and understands their sun sign. The more accurate way to understand Tropical Astrology, or Astrolosophy™ is to also know your ascendant (often called your rising) and at least your moon sign.

If you want to take your knowledge further, it is best to know what sign each of the planets are in. However, perhaps your Venus, Mars and Mercury should be enough to begin with. With a little understanding of the type of influence each planet is supposed to have on you, a better picture of how astrology works will be available to you.

The Sun Sign is the main characteristic of the personality, however unless you include the rising sign and moon sign you will not have an accurate picture of the person. It also means that the Earth happens to be in a particular sign in the Ecliptic.

Rising: How Others See You

Your ascendant is the zodiac sign said to be on the eastern horizon (where the earth meets the sky) at the time of your birth. This is called the first house of the zodiac. This is also called an angle. Since the first house of the zodiac is associated with the sign of Aries, the ascendant or first house is considered to be the house of self. The first house represents how your character is presented to the world. So if you have the zodiac sign of a more reserved personality (maybe a water sign like Cancer Scorpio or Pisces,) having Leo in your first house or Ascendant will present a more outgoing and social Cancer who is not afraid to take charge or be the center of attention. The Cancer may still enjoy being a homebody at times, but Leo in the first house or even in the moon sign creates a more extroverted outgoing personality.

The moon sign is often associated with how we relate to our sense of emotional security (Water Element), community and family. So someone who has a more outgoing sun-sign like Sagittarius (fire), or has many planet placements in fire signs, (Areis, Leo or Sagittarius) may be into various physical activities because this is a tendency of many fire signs (fire = action).  However, the person may be less impulsive if their moon sign is in something practical and earthy like Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn. If that is not enough, the moon could be in one of the 12 houses of the zodiac and that too will effect how the different aspects of personality will tend to be displayed to the world.

Lets pretend that our outgoing Sagittarius has an “earthy” Capricorn moon that is in the 11th house. Since the 11th house belongs to Aquarius, the person may be outgoing, yet a bit reserved because of the mix of influence from both the sun and moon signs. However, if Capricorn is in the 11th house (Aquarius’ influence), they may be a person who enjoys participating in group gatherings or participating in social humanitarian efforts to change the world that are meticulously organized. So clearly, the more you learn about the different pieces of Astrology, the better you will become at estimating a persons personality profile. Always remember that all these personality traits are simply a tendency to behave in particular way, this is why it is important to know about other factors in their birth chart.

More in-depth information

The 12 Signs without Serpentarius

The first 4 angles are the Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven and Imum Coeli. As it was discussed earlier, the ascendant is the first house of the zodiac and it is associated with Aries and is considered the house of self. It can also be considered a house of Mars (Aries’ ruling planet), A Cardinal House, (Aries’ Quality) and a house of fire, (Aries’ element). The Opposite of the Ascendant is called the descendant and it is exactly 180 degrees around a 360 degree circle. Since the ascendant is the point where the sun rises in the east, the descendant is where the sun or planetary body sets in the west. Usually when Astrologers look for who you are compatible with, they tend to look at this angle because it is the doorway to the 7th house. The 7th house belongs to Libra and it is considered the house of love, partnership and marriage.

The Mid-Heaven is considered to be the 10th house, the house of that high mountain climbing goat, Capricorn. The 10th house is the house of reputation, career, status, aspirations prestige, authority, the father, responsibility and many other ambitious characteristics. Since this is considered to be “High Noon” on the Zodiac AstroClock, planets at this angle or in this house will strongly influence a person’s character.
The opposite of the Mi-Heaven is called the IC or Imum Coeli. This is 4th house of the AstroClock™ and it is influenced by Cancer. Naturally, this house is associated with home, family, childhood, inner emotions and the parent with the most influence; all things typically associated with Cancer. This is considered the nadir, or the lowest point of the chart. It is often associated with our “shadow” side or the challenges and growth  that we most resist and deny in life.

Now you understand a little more about the many philosophical factors that influence how astrology may effect behavioral

The Houses and their Corresponding Elements

The Houses and their Corresponding Elements

tendencies due to planet placements and their angles (or relationships) with each other.

It is important to understand the different influences of the different planets. The Sun-sign which is the zodiac sign you are known as, has the biggest influence with the Ascendant and the Moon running close seconds. Venus, Mercury and Mars are considered to be personal planets and effect how you interact with your environment. Mercury influences your mind, sense of adventure, communication, curiosity and commerce. Venus influences your ethics, how you express love for others and bring beauty and community to your life. Mars is your temperament and your level of patience and desire for action and pioneering in new things. The three signs are considered personal because their effect is on the individual and how they interact with their environment.

Of course there is a massive amount of information about all of the different pieces that make up astrology, so try not to absorb it all at once. The main point is that one needs to look at more than just their birth sun-sign to get a more complete look at who you might be. Perhaps the next time you read a horoscope you may want to consider reading the one for your Ascendant and Moon sign to get a more complete picture.


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