Mercury Retrograde: Proceed with Caution



Can you feel the tension?

Are things not going according to plan?

You feeling restless and need some adventure?

Well look no further, Mercury goes retrograde for the third time since the year of the Metal Rabbit began.

Those of you who know what Mercury Retrograde is are probably rolling your eyes as you are reading this. But for those of you who don’t know what Mercury Retrograde is, let’s pause for a moment and talk about it.

How could this possibly be important?

Well if you are a 100% science minded person, grounded in the pure and sometimes pious belief of the scientific method, STOP HERE. There is no way this can be proven scientifically, these are mere observations of astrologers.

Everyone else, read on.
Mercury, known by many as the “cosmic magician,” rules over the first air sign of the zodiac, Gemini and the second earth sign Virgo. Mercury is associated with many things but for this article we will stick to: communication, the mind, intelligence and trickery. But Mercury also impacts less obvious forms of communication such as music, singing, prayer, meditation or expression of any kind both mentally and physically.

Mercury retrograde is the time when your printer is more likely to get temperamental and you are more inclined to miss your bus, plane or train. If you have a grudge with any copy machines, expect there to be a fight in the next few weeks. It impacts cell phones with bad reception and dropping phone calls, internet connections, broadcast and cable tv. Anything that has to do with communication will be felt by Mercury Retrograde.
Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius, a fire sign, on November 23, 2011. This is important because retrograde during a fire sign, usually means more drama and sloppy communication. In short, people acting before thinking. People losing their keys, favorite articles of clothing and arriving at appointments late happen with greater frequency during Mercury Retrograde.

Sometimes, Mercury Retrograde can be beneficial. Many people often finish things they may have started a long time ago or at least get back on track to finishing. Sometimes Mercury Retrograde can initiate a change in our behavior that is the opposite to the perspective that we had before, so it is definitely not ALL bad.

Mercury (Known in Greece as Hermes.)

Mercury (Known in Greece as Hermes.)

Why is it called “Mercury Retrograde?”
Well, If you looked up in the night sky over a period of a few months, every day at the same time, you would see the planet Mercury slowly changing its position moving forward direction.

At first, Mercury would seem to slow down, then stop moving forward.

After a few more weeks, Mercury would begin to look like it was going backwards to the same places that it was visible in  previous nights. This is what mystics and astronomers alike call an “apparent” motion. Apparent motion means that the position of Mercury only appears to be moving backwards (or forward) when all that has happened is that Mercury is moving around the sun so quickly that it looks like its going backwards as it begins to go around the curve of the sun and make another trip. This apparent motion is called retrograde. Think of the word “retro” like a throw back to the past.

The Mythology and Folklore of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun so the Romans dubbed him “messenger of the gods” as the sun itself was more or less considered a celestial representation of God at that time. Mercury had a female equivalent at that time known as Iris, just like there are gods in various cultures such as, Hermes, Thoth/Tehuti, Seshat, Quezatcoatl, Loki, and Kukulcan with the same characteristics. Mercury was also the bringer of dreams, guardian of thieves. He was the only Olympian that could go back and forth between the underworld, the earth and Mount Olympus without problems. Mercury is the son of Maia, a mountain nymph who is one of the seven Pleiadian Goddesses.Her father is Atlas (holding up the sky or earth).

Mercury Gives Apollo Lyre

Mercury/Hermes a born trickster

A Trickster is Born!

When still an infant, Mercury stole cattle from the god Apollo, and hid them in his mother’s mountain cave. When Apollo stormed into Maia’s cave, she showed him the tiny baby to prove he could not have been the cattle thief. Although Mercury was only a day old, Apollo was not fooled. Apollo appealed to Jupiter (Zeus) to punish Mercury. Jupiter arbitrated by requiring Mercury to give back the cattle. During the feud, baby Mercury played the lyre, and Apollo was so enchanted by the music that he dropped the charges, and even gave some of the cattle to Mercury, as well as other gifts. Apollo would use the lyre in his role as the patron of the Muses. (The 9 sister goddesses that give us words like “music” and “museum”).

Mercury’s energy will seem very disruptive this time around, but he is only starting the cleansing process. He is opening the door to let the Metal Hare/Cat out to make room for the Year of the Dragon, set to arrive January 23rd, 2012. Everyone knows that the year of the dragon is always a year for major change. This is not just any dragon either, it is the wise, compassionate and socially conscious water dragon. When Aries moved into Uranus in March, we had a tsunami hit the physical place, but the shockwave still moves through the astral plane and will not settle until mankind moves toward its higher ideals.

How to beat Mercury Retrograde

Here’s a partial list of the things affected by Mercury:

absentmindedness accountants accuracy
ad writers air travel announcers
architects attorneys Automobile trips
Bills breath (bad) brethren
broadcasters brothers & sisters busses
carrots certificates charts
all means of communication conceit contracts
crafts and craftiness crazy people diction
dictation education and educators essays
sense of feel food sellers gossip
grammar girls hair
harvests business forms humor
ingenuity insomnia juveniles
literature logic looms
medical professions memory mirrors
mischief morons money
naturopaths, naturopathy needles office machines
orators things that come in pairs oxygen
young people perjury pilfering
postage professors prose
public speaking quizzes railroads
records sarcasm, satire secretaries
selling and buying self-expression sewing
slander telephones twins

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