Neptune Retrograde and Sirius

Neptune Retrograde and Sirius

sagittarius_cat2Neptune goes into retrograde along with Mercury and Pluto. Time to be patience with creativity and allow imagination to flow.

Neptune is the type of inspiring imagination that makes people like Edgar Casey, Erykah Badu and Albert Einstein amazing Bodhisattvas.

Remember that Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Venus is associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. Venus/Aphrodite is connected to the Jaguar IX’Chel, Inanna, Oshun, Ishtar and Isis.

Why do I mention this?
Because in an age where we are discovering exoplanets like Kepler 10c.
Neptune will be retrograde until November making us question our creativity and artistic skills against contrived standards that are entirely subjective. Remember to be creative and artistic according to your personal best. Especially in this day of digital art when we can use computers and numbers to create over organic co-creation.

Am I saying the digital methods are wrong?

Mercury_retro_agent64No! I am simply stating that we must be careful of the many illusions that the dominant class continues to buy into that potentially impede organic growth.

Keeping self-satisfaction just out of reach while we run on a hamster wheel of contrived standards that potentially train us to stick with those toxic contracts instead of question those contracts, get off the treadmill, and re-negotiate how to live responsibly to duty and obligation while remaining true to yourself.

Neptune’s dance with Mercury and Pluto is the hero’s journey that will facilitate letting go of everything that is not authentic to who you are.

So now perhaps you can create opportunity to be what you have always wanted to be? —>This applies no matter what your age.

The star Sirius elevates hope and activates endless possibility. Sirius placed with retrogrades in communication (Mercury), imagination (Neptune) and shadow work (Pluto) means to let it all go and use your intuition over your sense of logical creation.

If you are an accountant or engineer, please stick to math, everyone else let those intuitions out and take them for a spin through June!

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 12th and Friday the 13th promises all of the #BSCC you can ask for and possible more than you can take. The Sirius star can be a volatile influence when mixed with a powerful force like a new or full moon. Planned activities that help you to direct this weeks fiery action oriented full moon will increase the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Aim big with the Sagittarius full moon. Get as much done as you can and play as much as possible. Let out all of that lovely wise expansive energy of Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter/Thor/Xango. Its going to be a hot week! And i don’t just mean temperature.

This may be a great week for nodding over verbal exchanges.
Just expect #BSCC Bat $hit Cray Cray all day each day and you will survive this week in a big big way!
Good Luck! Remember that you have all of the tools that you need to succeed this week.

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