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The Astrolosophy of the New Moon 4/2/2011



The New Moon in Aries is a time of action at home. Aries is the initiating force in Tropical Astrology and Aries are often known for their fighting “go-getter” spirit. In Astrolosophy, the moon is associated with the Cardinal water sign, Cancer and the 4th house of the 12 houses in astrology. The Moon’s relationship to Aries makes this a time to do spring cleaning, start new projects and make more daring and pioneering choices. Since the Moon is Cancer’s planetary ruler, you can expect that issues around the home have a large punctuation mark on them and emotions are very sensitive. When you combine the energy of two cardinal signs like Aries and Cancer you get a “square” which can also lead to “flash points” or quick moments of anger and emotional confusion.

The Full Moon is 2 weeks away from the New Moon

You can never seen the new moon on earth because it rises and sets with the sun and the sun's light keeps you from seeing it.

In conflict, Aries often expreses themselves with action, sometimes anger and usually with zero patience while Cancer often takes everything a bit more personally than most. During a new moon and a full moon the sun the earth and the moon are all in conjunction (alignment). The alignment of these heavenly bodies causes higher tides on the earth. Many people correlate higher tides in our

ARIES; The Ram

ARIES; The Ram

ocean with a higher frequency of emotional outburst among people. Many believe it is because the blood in our bodies are influenced just like the tides in the ocean.

So if you are doing spring cleaning or initiating some new project, don’t forget to honor the homebody side of Cancer with a delicious meal and an evening of board games or DVDs.




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In the Tarot, the moon is also associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces because of the myth connected with Venus, Cupid and their escape miraculous escape from a dangerous foe. One version of the story is that they were led to safety by two fish and the other version says that they turned themselves into fish and escaped. In both myths, Zeus places the image of the fish among the stars to be remembered. The Metaphor for this card represents a high level of spiritual development, a time period where we decide that we shall worry less and allow for the cycle of change to come back around and make things better.








Here is a little bit of Science to balance the hemisphere of your brain.

Agent 64's Astrolosophy


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