New Moon in Leo 2014

Wow, guys. Here we are on the other side. We made it. Can you feel it? Pat yourselves on the back, you deserve this. Jupiter in Leo… Hell of a thing. It sure came in roaring like a lion, didn’t it? And its just getting started y’all. And then there’s Mars in Scorpio, fueling the fires and egging the King on, so that he can claim his throne and his destiny.

Yes, In case that metaphor wasn’t transparent enough, the King is you.

It is a season of kings, to be honest. All of us, lords of our own inner kingdoms, where we hold court and keep our castles. Are your internal fortresses shining atop a crested hill? Or have they fallen into disrepair and filth? With the Saturn- Uranus Kansas City Shuffle, and subsequent Quincunx, my money’s on the latter, but that’s okay, it can be fixed. That’s what your serfs are for.

The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter- Ah, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a Leo new Moon. Its super-charged with potential and positivity. All you have to do is Eat, Sleep and Breathe your Awesome. It must be fully realized and embodied throughout this transit, but this is where the tone is set. Respond with humor and regal class when threatened, but respond quickly and decisively. The only note I really have here is to make sure you are also embodying love. Make sure those you love know that they are in fact loved- you’d be surprised how often that gets forgotten. Most importantly, Love Yourself, especially if there really isn’t anyone for you to tell that you love them or to give you that love you want. Really relax your guard and allow there to be love in your life, invite it in. Now this is not some love and light bullshit, this is a survival tactic. There are too many of us out there struggling and hurting and barely making it through our days, too many on the brink. Be kind to yourself, please. And know that Helios loves you as well!

Mercury, Saturn, Chiron and Uranus- Wow, highly charged mental landscape here. A lot of conflict of energies and ideas, but the conflict is coming out to bring about cohesion and find common ground, which of course is up to you. Expect to walk through a lot of shit to reach your castle, guys. There will be haters, most of whom will be in your own head. Shut them down and laugh them off. You don’t have time to waste on them. This will be a struggle, as you will be on a very short fuse, wanting to lash out at anyone who tries to dull your shine, but the second they see a chink in your armor, you’ll have a full scale rebellion on your hands. Just smile and don’t let them see your stomach turn as the shit hits you. You can handle this.

New Moon in Leo 2014

New Moon in Leo 2014

Venus, Pluto and Neptune- Oh joy, a mini Cardinal Crisis. The fear here is an illusory one- You fear losing your love. Whatever you love right now, you fear losing it. The only way this can happen is if you actually buy into this fear. Stay your course, maybe invest a bit more time and energy into what you love, and maybe you might even see it going further than you had anticipated! Your strength and patience will be tested- what lengths are you willing to go to in order to prove your love? Will you chase it if it is out of your reach? Are you willing to put aside your ego to keep it? Will it be your undoing in the end? Will it free you or will it only try to make you its slave? These questions and more will be answered in the coming month, and you will have your measure taken by the harshest judge around- yourself.

Mars- Well this is definitely a first! Fresh into Scorpio, Mars closes out the show. We move past all that we learned about ourselves through the eyes of our partners and companions, and start taking it in and processing it for ourselves-The good and the bad. This will purge your self-delusions and allow you to truly see yourself for what you are. Doesn’t matter if you’re up to it or not, its happening. A major theme now is detoxing. Go off by yourself and just flush your system of all the accumulated negativity of the last 8 months- Its been a long transit and there has been some serious buildup. Go let off some steam, whether through sport, sex, skydiving… Any Mars activity is the way to go. Get up off your ass and change your own damn energy. Also, if something that you keep trying to do and make work just isn’t cutting it, and you keep trying anyway, face the music and just walk away. Forget it and move on. Give it one last shot, then call it quits if it still doesn’t work.

Now where’s my damn crown?


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