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The New Moon in Virgo is a time for well planned renewal. Virgo is the master of making those lists and checking them twice…gonna find out who is reliable and nice. The tides are always high during the New Moon and the Full Moon, so you might find that there is a lot of blood-rushing moments in your life over the next few days.

Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury you will find that there is a lot of fast critical analysis that is shared quite freely (translation: Expect the nag-o-meter to be up through late Thursday). One of the lessons that we must learn from Virgo is that no matter how organized and together you may appear on the outside, life will always “unmask” you by throwing unexpected situation at you to resolve on the spot. There will be a real focus on doing really well on the job and in the community but beware the judgment of others and choose to support those who need it instead.

Mercury: The Messenger of the Gods. Assoicated with Speed, Commerce, Communications, Education and the Mind!

Mercury: The Messenger of the Gods.

This is a great week to start new projects. If love is your thing, beware Virgo’s “I can dish it out but I can’t take it” judgments because they tend to be ultra-critical causing most people to quickly twist their face up in disgust before hearing all of the facts. SO if things don’t look great in your relationships, give it a little time for both people to reflect and you will find that things are not as extreme as you originally thought.

There is one more week of Mercury Retrograde before the planet stops to get ready to return to where it was before the roller coaster of miscommunications started on August 2oth.



Like the Planet Mercury, Virgo runs hot and cold. The side that faces the Sun can go above 806º while the side facing away from the sun will be about -261.4º below Zero. Since Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and rotates once every 59 earth days, it is easy to see why Mercury is so hot and cold. After all, if it takes only 88 days to race around the sun, Mercury’s day is almost as long as its year.

DualityWhy is this important? Because Mercury’s temperature changes represents  the subconscious and the conscious mind. Half the time Virgos are being “Hot or Cold” they are usually unaware of it so it is best to communicate with them about their extreme temperature changes. This is what often happens in relationships, someone says something “hot” or “cold” with NO INTENTION TO DO HARM, often the other person assumes that they are acting that way to hurt them. Remember under the Virgo Moon, security means effective communication that helps everyone do their best. So try and be patient if people are being cold and biting about “taking care of business” and focus on their good intentions to make things better. This is a great time to eat wholesome food, fresh fruit and exercise as much as possible.

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