The Retrograde Rave

The Retrograde Rave

Pick up your whistles and Pacifiers and Dance!

Mars stations Retrograde at 8º Sagittarius April 17, 2016 at 12:13 pm UTC, Pluto stations retrograde tomorrow April 18, 2016 at 17º Capricorn and in less than 2 weeks, Mercury stations retrograde at 23º Taurus.
With all of these trips through the proverbial underworld of self-reflection and assessment please step away from ANY and ALL situations that can look like, smell like or BE JUDGMENT hiding under Pluto/Hades’ helmet of invisibility.
You all know about that helmet of invisibility…it produces notoriously large blind spots that make it difficult for us to see the full width and breadth of our shadow personality.
Compassion, empathy and lots of deep meditative breaths should be used whenever possible as the FULL PINK MOON IN SCORPIO IS THIS COMING THURSDAY/FRIDAY/SATURDAY April 21, 2016 |10:23:36 PM PDT| April 22, 2016 5:23 am UTC!
Mars in Sagittarius until May 29th, Mars in Scorpio until August 3rd, 2016
FULL "PINK" SCORPIO MOON April 22, 2016 5:23 am UTC

Why is this important?

This full moon in Scorpio activates at 2º Taurus Sun/Scorpio Moon carrying Scorpio’s signature psychic sensitivity throughout the weekend. That means it could be sexy, engaging and fun or it could be cold, distant and passive aggressively vindictive. (Saucer of milk table two—-Me-ouch!)
Clearly, the direction of your weekend will depend more upon whom you surround yourself with than it usually does as people tend to be more sensitive and perceptive than normal under a full moon in scorpio!
That’s right, everyone’s bullshit detector will be turned all the way up, so be careful, take cover and get some alone time in or go on one of those retreats where NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TALK!

Normally you might have Mercury placed in a sign that makes you as agile and nimble as Jack jumping over a candlestick, but be mindful of cosmic turbulence. With all of the retrograding motion and Scorpio’s fiercely regenerative Plutonian energy coupled with its wildly multidirectional Martian energy (read unfocused energy), Scorpio’s shamanic energy can make jumping over a simple candle feel like you are jumping over The Burj Khalifa in slow motion. So for you cosmic surfers that are accustomed to grabbing a bigger board when larger waves come crashing forward, you may opt for a wet suit made by Pampers instead of that flashy thong.

It is not that we all cannot handle the cray that is coming our way. The issue is that the cosmic energies will be moving in a fast and furious manner that will blur out clarity and replace our crystal vision with beer goggles so thick that we will nominate The Hunchback of Notre Dame to be the next top model for fashion week in Milan. So while you are ignoring that RuPaul voice whispering, “don’t f*ck it up,” in your ear, just remember that moments like this actually build us up way more than we suspect that they may be tearing us down!

You won’t have to travel as far as Paris, France to feel the potential for love as Scorpio’s full moon sting ray of cray begins its campaign way before showtime. The Quasimodo in everyone of us will be longing for timeless love that stretches across lifetimes to find or rediscover us. The passion that you will feel in the air in the coming weeks will be as confusing as it will be intoxicating making you oscillate between the love styles of Anthony and Cleopatra and Punch and Judy.

Don’t worry if your love life doesn’t look like that of Gomez and Morticia or Romeo and Juliet, as Venus is still in Aries helping us to make peace with our inner Quasimodo. Yes, you too can find peace even while all of the dueling retrograding planets give us the sense that we are a just the latest incidence of cosmic road kill, a crashing calamity on the cosmic racetrack of  change and evolution disguised by the trance/techno ambience of the Raging Retrograde Rave.

There is no doom and gloom. Put on your boots, jump in the mosh pit and enjoy the hell out of the experience of banging your head and thrashing. I promise when it is over that the endorphins and wisdom that come from it will make you happy.
For more information on April, see my article with the Cosmic Intelligence Agency.

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