Scorpius: Death * Transformation XIII


The role of Scorpio’s energy help us sort out what we learn while we fight the symbolic battle between our lower earthly desires and the cosmic consciousness of “soul-centered” thinking that links us all with the divine. Scorpio’s incarnation represents the repeated difficult challenges in life that often knock us down but make us stronger when we decide to get back up.

This continual knock down through meeting challenges, is a continuous cycle of “ego-death” that leads to transcendence and transformation.

Scorpio’s heroic journey is about bringing the selfishness into equilibrium with selflessness.

This energy drives us to continually seek out and solve all of life’s mysteries through the discovery of the authentic and unique self and the kindred and symbiotic similarities with other sentient beings.
The exploration of humanity in Scorpio plays out in their top three archetypes: The Scorpion, The Eagle, The Phoenix.

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Tarot Card: Death/Transformation XIII

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