☉♡✰☯♓♆2016 is the year of the Red Fire Monkey in Chinese Astrology with the numerology of the number nine (9) and seen as the Year of the White Wizard in the sky teachings within the culture of the Maya throughout the Americas. But how does this mesh with the upcoming New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 8, 2016 at 5:54 pm?

(That’s 8:54 pm in New York, or March 9, 2016 at 1:54 am in London.)

☉♡✰☯♓♆Since this year’s eclipse takes place at 18º Pisces 56″, it falls in the decan of Cancer bringing us an extra dose of The Moon’s intuitive and personalizing “yin” like qualities which are inclined to expose our vulnerabilities to ourselves and others. So be careful as Cancer energy is known for its heroic character as much as it may be known for its reactive sideways retreats and fits of denial. Do I say this as a back-handed insult to those people born with a Cancer, sun, moon or ascendant?

Absolutely NOT!

☉♡✰☯♓♆I bring up the issue because denial is a HUGE THEME in human development. Denial can keep us from growing socially, economically and emotionally due to objective truths that we hide from ourselves. Truths that we are often not ready to accept or cope with so perhaps our subconscious chooses to keep it in the peripheral vision of our perception until we are ready to change lanes and hit the accelerator so that we can move on? Meanwhile, a proverbial “blind spot,” the size of a semi-truck, ominously mocks us with an endless list of items that we have not developed the skills or coping methods to take on directly.

☉♡✰☯♓♆Enter the New Moon/Solar Eclipse to change that semi-truck sized blind-spot into an intergalactic mothership with a strobing light and futuristic music production that would make Daft Punk look like they never really tried. While New Moons represent the time where we take out the trash and recycle the choices of our past each month, when they are accompanied by the solar eclipse cycle (a cycle called a semester that endures approximately every six months), you can look upon them as a huge seasonal cleansing and beginning that is so potent that all of the intentions that you set may not come to fruition until the end of the moon cycle (semester) six months from now. In the case of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, that will be Sep 1, 2016 at 6:13 AM UTC.

☉♡✰☯♓♆On March 9, 2016 at 1:55 am UT we experience a new moon and eclipse on at 18º degrees Pisces. 18 also happens to be the number of the Moon card associated with Pisces in the Tarot system. So while we are on the magical number of imagination and creativity that produces minds such as Einstein, consider the Cancer decan 18 sits on and the brilliance of Cancerian Ida B. Wells or Nikola Tesla. For those of us in out in the west coast of the states the New Moon hits it zenith point in the 7th house which means that this year could be a wildly romantic one, perhaps leading towards marriage. But we also have to consider the notion that the 7th house is also abut reciprocity, justice, being open and honest and further invested in partnerships of all kinds. This eclipse will influence business partnerships in personal and professional ways as the ungrounded whimsical nature of Pisces goes up against Jupiter in Virgo creating a balance of both hemispheres of the brain so that we can all be as creative and we can be responsible. This will be about taking chances and following your artistic heart with the prudence and presence to bring your brain along with you.

☉♡✰☯♓♆This is just a brief description of the things each zodiac sign should be mindful for in 2016. When a New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place, there is a unique opportunity for change. You should read the zodiac sign for your sun, moon and your rising/Asc. If you need a free natal chart, go to this page.

☉♡✰☯♓♆Please be mindful that this is Tropical Astrology, NOT Sidereal Astrology. Keep in mind that Horoscopes such as the ones that follow tend to be more accurate when done individually so that you can take into account the person’s location. Since I am in Northern California, they will be most accurate for the people in the Northern Hemisphere and in this time zone. If you want a more personal experience, have made those available in my e-store.

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March Solar Return Eclipse Special


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Solar Eclipse/Solar Return Report

We made it past two really huge checkpoints and you have all developed some incredible skills. This year will be your opportunity to fully integrate them into your lives. GOOD LUCK! Happy New Lunar Semester!

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