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Once again the state of the world affirms that humanity and the western world is NOT as civilized as we would like to think.
The horrible incident that took place in Orlando Florida is a reminder that we have a long way to go before we can look ourselves in the mirror and use the terms civilized or civilization. I am not sure which world you are looking at but this to me is still a variant of modern “dark ages” that is full of thick heavy shadows.
All a humble astrologer like myself can do is remind people to make choices out of love and possibility instead of anxiety, fear or despair. Remember that you don’t need to build co-dependent relationships with gurus of any kind. Perhaps consider being able to occupy both the roles of leader and follower with the innate intelligence to recognize when to step up as a leader and when to contribute to your community as a supporter.
Am I surprised?

Many astrologers continue to associate the classical personality traits of both the “god of war,” Mars, and the “lord of the underworld,” Pluto, to the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The meshing of these two archetypes along with the myths of Ophiuchus, Asclepius and Imhotep, Scorpio is known to have various personas.

Many astrologers continue to associate the classical personality traits of both the “god of war,” Mars, and the “lord of the underworld,” Pluto, to the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The meshing of these two archetypes along with the myths of Ophiuchus, Asclepius and Imhotep, Scorpio is known to have various personas.

This has been a really rough Mars retrograde cycle! and when you consider at one point we had Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn all retrograde at the same time, it’s no wonder that more lines of communication (Mercury) and action (Mars) didn’t get crossed up and cause even more damage that we are currently experiencing socially (Jupiter). So the while each retrograding planet has its own unique signature, shadow and echo, it may also be a good idea to consider how when retrograde cycles occur at the same time (Neptune and Saturn), each retrograde cycle of planets can seem like it is like its own unique concerto with complete and specific challenges that eventually give way to their own unique silver lining(s).

There will be transpersonal ramifications that we will all struggle with as we race through the upcoming solstice because Mars retrograded into Scorpio, a potent and familiar home placement. Remember that the 20-29º is the decan of Scorpio that belongs to Cancer, so once again it has indeed become sniper season as verbal, physical and spiritual attacks are indeed very personal. Especially attacks on anything that is not familiar to ourselves or perhaps threatens the integrity of our contrived and perceived traditions. The fact that all of the bat-shit cray-cray associated with election fraud, superdelegates and megalomaniacs like Trump have taken place between two full moons in Sagittarius should be of no surprise to those of you that study astrology.
The 560 earth year orbit of Eris and the 84 earth year orbit of Uranus had an exact conjunction in ARIES and the two cosmic bodies are sitting on the 23º mark of Aries which is the Sagittarius decan pushing all forms of crusade to a crescendo that most people cannot stand! The Sabian knowledge suggest that the tragedy can serve as a means to unite all of the continents into a unit that acts like a cornucopia that will feed us all. Yet Mars’ current position at 24º Scorpio suggests that we have fast become a world that is over sermons and are now actively seeking ways to defeat negativity from within so that when we take action with the collective we don’t misplace any anger or disappointment on others.

So I remind everyone, don’t dish out anything that you yourself cannot take!

OPHIUCHUS_SEPENTARIUSCurrently the moon is in Scorpio so we are all in a reflective state contemplating existence in general but when the moon shifts into Sagittarius this weekend it won’t be full until it reaches the Leo decan in the 20-29º range at 29º Sagittarius. Since this is the “anaretic” degree, there will be a tangible shift towards achievement that you can touch, taste and quantify over ideas, philosophy or righteous crusades. So in effect, you will have people loudly trumpeting their opinions everywhere this weekend while their actions (or lack thereof) will be masked in silence.
People wanting to do the professional or polite thing will be offering moments of Eris_250_dwarf_planetsilence or keeping their opinions to themselves at a time when too much silence may have the inverse effect of creating rumbling thunder in superficial relationships. So expect the lightning and thunder of individual truth to strike all over with the rumblings for how such tragedies can be used to get an upperhand politically while the majority of people sit in silence and hope for purple rain to accompany all of the loud silence about issues of equality and mental and emotional health.

Goldar of "Space Giants"

Goldar of “Space Giants”

You see this idea of racism, gender inequality, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia in general are not new issues. Now it has become a modern discussion on “intersectionality” as many can identify with being more than one of the groups that routinely experience discrimination in their day-to-day life while many privileged people cannot fully comprehend the concept because they have lived such entitled lives. As Jupiter in Virgo finishes up a year of hard social labor we are dealt a blow with Astraea’s sword of justice to prepare us for the reckoning that will arrive when Jupiter moves into Libra and the expansive power of Jupiter whips the asset of justice into an ambrosia delight that is suitable for everyone’s palette.

We have the new moon in Cancer and the full THUNDER MOON in Capricorn coming up to help us take out the proverbial trash. All in All it is another cleansing cycle meant at making everyone sit up, take notice and figure out what we can all do with the earth beneath our feet that will contribute to the much needed revolution through evolution that Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus and Aries has been tenderizing humanity with. Wow, just wait until Pluto moves into Aquarius next decade after Uranus moves into Taurus in 2019. If we don’t continue working on ourselves it will be like Godzilla has been let loose on a small Japanese village and no one will have a whistle to call Goldar (Ambassador Magma).

Am I saying you should despair?

Absolutely not, if anything, I am saying don’t let the illusions of a very false veil convince you that the negativity is winning. We are experiencing some mental sickness that could use a little universal health care so that we ALL have ACCESS TO THERAPY. The majority of the “cray” out there is because people don’t have the tools or coping methods needed to survive their own shadow without projecting it upon innocent bystanders. But to get to this point people we have to learn to communicate with each other more effectively. While we are running around offering moments of silence, consider taking moments of action and speaking up to everyone in your life about inequities so that we can slowly create the balance and equality necessary for the buy-in of people from all over the world, not just selfishly from the nation wed happen to reside in currently. Like they said in the 80’s-90’s “Silence = Death!” So learn to share and listen this summer and let’s turn down the deafening silent and sublimate it using the pieces of our personal history that our shared cultures has taught us is best left unsaid. If silence were a speed right now, it would sound like jets moving at Mach speed creating sonic booms continuously that lead nowhere. Please use your voice wisely be sharing in a manner that makes people want to hear your opinion. Between Scorpio and Sagittarius moons and the transition of the sun from Gemini into Cancer, the next few weeks will indeed be a ride.

How will you help to build a more inclusive world?

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