Tropical Astrology Update: Moon in Taurus


Tropical Astrology Update:
Moon in Taurus 11:38 am EST, 8:38 am PST 4:38 pm UT
Now that our flight on the “crazy plane” that is Mercury Retrograde is moving at top speed, the moon’s trip through Aries this weekend was just like that old school popcorn machine.Who needs patience anyway?

Today we will be reaching towards grounded serenity as we seek to create comfort from the storms of the physical and cosmic weather. While it may feel like you are not going anywhere fast like this weekend, you are definitely laying a foundation for a plan that is more sustainable and sensible under the “grounded” and “earthy” Taurus “The Bull.”

All You Need Is Love?
Make sure that you have your favorite music around to keep those spirits up and build that slow momentum into the feverish charge that best supports the integration of change and acceptance during this abundance of Taurus energy.

Why is this especially important right now?
There is a stellium in Aquarius. The sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Aquarius, but soon Venus will move into Pisces and form a stellium with Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces!
Aquarian energy can create overthinking which can be unfortunate if you are having negative thoughts but excellent if you are thinking positively. This will have a “tide is turning,” effect of centering our collective energy into one of compassion and healing.

Hunting with Neptune’s Trident
As usual Neptune’s magical manifestation and endless imagination comes with a price. People are more likely to seek out forms of “escape” and indulge in denial instead of face life’s challenges head on. Under a Taurus moon this is much more likely because of Taurus’ weakness is overindulgence. So be careful not to overeat, drink excessively, play video games, surf the net or do anything that will take your focus away from resolving challenges, or meeting important goals for too long.

The Trick: Make a schedule and stick to it or the cloudy veil of uncertainty will make you lose track of time and progress.

Venus rules Taurus and will be in Pisces creating more influence for Pisces. Since Neptune is supposed to be the “higher octave” of Venus, having Venus conjoin with Mars, Neptune and Chiron will only turn up the flashpoint of limitless possibility. Our mission is to make the various potentials for manifestation as positive as possible.

Stay on task!

The moon is exalted in Taurus, placing our desires to take care of our homes and security needs ahead of everything else. Just make sure to include those around you with the loving care of Venus to create a feedback loop of healing and growth.

Have a great day!
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