Tropical Astrology Update: ☽Moon in Gemini♊

Tropical Astrology Update:
☽Moon in Gemini, The Twins, I Think
2:36 pm PST, 5:36 pm EST, 10:36 pm UT

℞☿Mercury Retrograde in ♅Aquarius♒️ and Moon in Gemini while Mercury (The Cosmic Communicator) is in the Gemini decan of Aquarius (according to Chaldean decans).

Who cares about the ♊Gemini Moon?
I do because gemini is a mutable (changeable, adaptable sMoon in Gemini energy impacts communication from our lowest rooted frequencies to the rustling leaves in the collective tree of life.

This ☿quicksilver Gemini energy harmonizes with the Aquarius sun weaving our individual threads of communication to our highest cosmic frequencies in a ⚛concerto⚛ of coherence that creates a collective lightning rod of creativity.

♒️The power of communication☿ will be experienced from the ☯Microcosm throughout the ☯Macrocosm; contrasted from the tiniest neurotransmitter through the poles of the sun!

This will be a big week for sibling relationships. Not just the biological siblings from your family of origin ⚗(FOO), but anyone that you are close enough with that you can fight and laugh with while remaining secure about the ☥foundation of your relationship.

The ☸portal to the past blows wide open sending chills up and down your spine prompting you to decide if that is an uncomfortable chill or is it a chill of excitement initiating the ䷁act of ⌛change.

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