Tropical Astrology Update! Mercury Stations Direct!

Tropical Astrology Update!
Mercury Stations Direct!
February 11, 2015 6:57 am PST, 9:57 am EST, 2:57 pm UT

Talk about a long hero’s journey through the “Private Idaho” that is your own head. This Mercury Retrograde took us to revisit and renew lessons between everything between 17º-back to 1º in our our own natal chart. Is there a spiritual GPS app I could download to track this?

But don’t fall into the river of Narcissus by assuming that this whole hyper-dimensional “staycation” of reflection in your head was just about you. Collectively we got activation activity from the sun and the moon and Mercury right on top of that “Cardinal Chrysalis” at and around 14º.

Holy Time Travel Batman, did anyone else feel like they were going through their cycles of tedium faster than normal?

The connection of Cosmic Magician Mercury’s “quicksilver” slipstream of subspace/conscious communication linked with the higher octave cosmic shock jock, Uranus, created a huge bubble of possibility anchored with an anxiousness to make quick, decisive choices. Jupiter’s Lightning bolt of insight and consciousness expansion may be encouraging many of you to exit the crazy plane of Mercury Retrograde on a crusade to get a lot done before Mercury Returns to the 17º where the retrograde cycle began.

Why is this important? Since the “shadow” or “echo” of Mercury Retrograde does not end until March 3, 2015, this only leaves a 48 hour window before the full moon in Virgo on MARCH 5th at 10:06 am, PST, 1:06 pm EST and 6:06 pm UT. This is a lot of “get your $h*t together” energy to create a little anxiousness before the last exact Square between Pluto and Uranus on March 15th.


Jupiter is still retrograde so be careful of all of the plans and commitments you made with yourself and others during the last 3 weeks as people tend to overcommit during Jupiter’s Retrograde cycle. Since Jupiter is under the influence of the Lion king, your mind may push your body further than you can take.
We are still under the influence of a very emotional stellium in Pisces but always keep in mind the vast possibility of magic and healing when Chiron, Neptune Mars and Venus are working together.

You may want to consider wiping the slate clean with anyone that you have had strange or awkward communications with recently as this is the nature of the Mercury Retrograde beast. Today is Wednesday, day of Mercury so remember to take deep breaths as a series of tangled energies try to metaphorically untangle themselves right before your very eyes ALL AT ONCE.
The moon goes into Sagittarius later today, so don’t take people’s “blunt” opinions personally.

Your Mission: Diplomacy and Amnesty.
Have a great week
Khepri of Astrolosophy and Cosmic Weather
Today you may feel some sense of constraint to your emotional energy. During the few hours that this transit is in effect, a feeling of limitation could come over you, or perhaps a sense of the inherent restrictions of the past as providing structure for the future. Your energy may become shut down at this time, or you could feel lonely and isolated as you dwell on the self-determined structure of your own life rather than relating wholeheartedly to your friends and family. These restrictions are only as real as your mind makes them, and have the positive effect of allowing you time for serious contemplation concerning your life purpose.


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