☽Tropical Astrology Update: Moon in ♑Capricorn ☾

Tropical Astrology Update!
The Moon is in Capricorn so get your $h*t together. HA!
We started this season with a Capricorn solstice right at zero degrees and now we are getting ready to go into Aquarius with our favorite goat prompting us to banish everything that’s in our way.Capricorn, and its overlord, Saturn are not always easy energies to satisfy as such energy defines boundaries and thresholds that are used to measure success on one end of the scale and failure on the opposite end of the scale.

While our grumbling goat friends can be cosmic buzz kills with their incessant grumblings, it is important to recognize that without this energy there would be no form or structure in the macrocosm or the microcosm.

The big picture of the infinite and powerful parental figure is built into the abacus wielding, mountain climbing aspect of Capricorn. This archetype “devil” as it is known in the tarot, reinforces the idea of unquestionable patriarchy and authoritarianism that we must learn to defeat, comply or integrate with if we wish to achieve in our socialized society.

Capricorn also makes us take an honest look at how attached we are to our earthly desires and whether said desires support growth or create stagnation. So as usual, the “devil,” really is in the details.

On the other hand, the nurturing, watery, earthly, microcosmic emotional energy is built into the fish aspect of Capricorn’s “seagoat” persona. While Capricorns are capable of climbing the highest of mountains or overcoming this biggest obstacles, dealing with the dark “emotional seas” we must often face alone is presumably where we truly earn our confidence to build a public reputation.

In short, Capricorn teaches us that 4/5 of the word LEARN is the word EARN!

While the moon is in Capricorn we take care of our personal matters knowing that such matters are always connected to the bigger picture of career, family and security. Being an earth sign does not just mean you value comfort and material wealth. In so earth signs this manifests as spiritual materialism, health and wellness or the richness of tranquility with minimal stress.

Now is a time to clean up and remove obstacles or items that you don’t use very often with the intention of attracting things into your life of which you place a higher value upon. It does not need to be for status, power or prestige, its simply about gaining progress on short term wishes that bring you steps closer towards lifetime achievement.

Things to be careful of?
Unnecessary pride, suspicion, selfishness, PESSIMISM (should be said twice for emphasis in your best “goat accent”), unmerciful justice.

Things to cherish: Recognition of your achievements, lots of moaning while they eat anything you cook, intelligence, conscientiousness, charm and comedy. These more positive aspects will be highlighted this weekend while there is a sextile with Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron in Pisces.

Capricorn energy is very top shelf and pushes us to do our best even when we don’t want to. Beware of being high maintenance during Capricorn moon (Or any earth moon for that matter), reminding those that you are making “requests” not “demands” and that these request benefit us all.

This Capricorn moon reminds us where all of the boundaries are and how all of the rules serve us. So when the new moon in Aquarius arrives we will know just how far we can the boundaries and limitations.

As an lunar Aquarian, I always struggle with Saturn/Capricorn rules, yet I have to remind myself that matter could not separate into so many individual objects. Galaxies, clusters of galaxies, solar systems, planets, life within planets all need individual boundaries of separation in a 3d world to appreciate how it all functions as a whole.

Capricorn/Saturn Energy is that which manifest the organic wheels of time-space throughout the cosmos.

So while we think about the limitations of Capricorn and Saturn, don’t forget about is beautiful structure and the foundation it provides for us to thrive. This beauty can easily be seen in the face of anyone with a Capricorn Sun, Moon or rising if you look closely enough.

So whether you are a male Capricorn or “Pan” frolicking in the forest trying to find yourself; or you are a female “pan-dora” only given credit for the negative things, the next few days you need to appreciate just how important your role is. wink emoticon

When we focus on positive outcomes, we can detoxify much more than we think.

Have a great weekend banishing and appreciating star siblings!
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