Tropical Astrology Update: ♂MARS IN ♈ARIES ♂♈

 Tropical Astrology Update:

MARS IN ARIES 3/19/2015-3/31/2015
(Cue music score that they play in star wars movies anytime they show Darth Vader, The Emperor or any of their “Scythe-ies”).After a month of Aquarius intellectual overload and “Piscean” Emo polarization that would make Marilyn Manson look like Dr. Phil, Mars puts on his spiked speedo and breast plate ensemble and exclaims, “screw you guys, i’m going home.” Mars promptly “marched” into Aries, his home sign, until the end of the month that was named after him.

What does this mean for the average person?
Since planetary changes have a personal impact on us as individuals and a collective effect that contributes to all of us as a whole, expect emotional moments of “free-range” plasmatic fire and emotionally petrified, arctic blast ice. One moment you may be ready to go skydiving from a space shuttle and the next moment getting up to go find the remote might seem like far too much for you to take on without meds, comfort food or a therapist’s couch.

The Good News?
This is all situational, not long term. After all that dancing between Aquarian and Mercurial energies while they surrounded a stellium of emotional energy in Pisces, you may feel a bit like you may have started too many projects at once.

At this time, your heart and soul has super strength that would make your favorite incarnated avatar/yogi proud. HOWEVER, your body and the unforeseen demand(s) of others around you, places limits upon you and forces you into “the forest of overcommitment,” where great ideas and FLASHES of inspiration go to die a fiery death.

The Flash is like the XVI card in the tarot. Sudden. Unexpected. Powerful!
You have choices:
Get hung up like the XII Card
Not get hung up over the emotional “monkey mind,” of the XVIII Moon Card and trust your instincts.

TRUST that you will make the best steps following your inner voice.

The Problem?
Aries energy is pure, raw and uncut, cardinal energy that inspires us to boldly lead in an opinionated and righteously indignant way. Warrior women of wisdom such as Pallas, Oya, and Ix’Chel can also be loosely associated with the fertility aspect of Aries because of the initiation process usually gives birth to brilliant outcomes; even if there is a lot of turbulence or labor in the middle of the process.

Aries: Help or Hindrance?
I am placing my bet on help over hindrance. Since there is very little earth to ground all the planets in fire and earth, it creates a bit of a fast moving, anxious environment that feels a little unsafe because it all feels so unregulated. Don’t you worry, everyone needs to get their ass to defcon one because during Pisces season the full moon March 4th will be in Virgo. The Virgin goddess of purification will slow down the more feisty elements of Mars in Aries and help us ease into the energy.

Why can Mars and/in Aries be challenging?
In General, When the fiery energy is high, people tend to become impatient, demanding and selfish! When its even, people tend to take on more responsibility and take on roles of leadership with the intention of being the best and the brightest. Remember that Jupiter is in Leo and Saturn is in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries means a grand fire trine will be activated over the next 6 weeks.

In your natal chart, Mars transiting specific planets and houses may push you into action or make you very anxious about taking action. One of the big experiences I notice is that people may become a lot bolder, petulant and excessively rude when Mars and Aries is around so try not to take it personally. Taken as a whole, Mars in Aries helps to kill the “couch potato” in all of us so if family and friends seem a bit prickly, don’t personalize it. Everyone is in activation mode and wants to get things accomplished

Going from Mars in Pisces to Mars in Aries is SOOOOOO EXTREME so expect that the behavior of this energy is already making itself known in the last few hours. After All Aries is the “FIRE OF FIRE CARDINAL sign that begins the zodiac and Pisces is the WATER OF WATER MUTABLE sign that ends the zodiac cycle.
This a bit like going from Barbie Girl
To “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

So let the “petulant sock puppet theater” begin as you navigate the limitations of your own wants and needs and the patience necessary to attain it all. Remember opinions are like assholes, while everyone has one, we are taught that it is “common courtesy” to ask before you stick your ass or opinion in anyone’s face.

Be aware of those wants and needs in other or forge alliances so that everyone wins. Just remember, Aries energy is infant energy so people will be whining like babies and occasionally throwing temper tantrums. But when people are cooing because they are happy you will experience peak high moments of shared joy.

Mars in Aries is your license to get $h*t done!

Have a beautiful weekend brothers and “sistars.”
Khepri of Astrolosophy and Cosmic Weather

— with Corrupted Cross,

Agent 64's Astrolosophy


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