Tropical Astrology Update: ☽Moon in ✰Kick Ass✰ ♌LEO!☾

Tropical Astrology Update:
☽Moon in ✰Kick Ass✰ ♌LEO!☾
2/2/2015 9:40 am PST, 12:40 pm, EST, 5:40 pm UT☽Full Moon☾ 2/3/2015 3:09 pm PST, 6:09 pm EST, 11:09 pm UT
Wow there goes that crazy feeling of your heart doing a dance that is almost as familiar as the feeling you get just before your favorite roller coaster ride goes down a big hill and through several loops.
✔♌This Leo moon has me caught between screaming “stop the world, I want to get off” and “put the petal to the metal!”


✔♌The sun in Aquarius and the moon in Leo may leave many of us somewhere between:
Steamrock Fever
Shock The Monkey
for themes on how best to approach this action packed week.

✔♌Are you alone in your contradiction of mind, body and spirit?
Hell No!
✔♌Moon in Leo, Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius means a minor fire trine that feeds a ridiculous plasma blast into the next (and last) cardinal square coming in mid-march! This energy is stirring up a personal and transpersonal hornets nest as the cosmic consciousness we share grows weary of system(s) that are treading upon our independence and sovereignty.

How’s about a little fire kitty?
✔♌Leo is king of the jungle and will not be subjugated by ANY force, but given that this is an number eight (8) year, this Leo full moon is less about the patriarchal politics of pride and more about being the protectress of your pack. This is not your lay around eat and be pretty kitty, this is about that huntress energy that blows through the temples of Sekhmet and Ix’Chel.

Do or Dye?
✔♌So the fire sign’s “trining” with the moon opens a big can of “whoop-ass,” while the other part of our motivation is sitting in the Piscean WhirlPool with Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron. While this group of action, beauty, passion, desire and healing are getting facials and mani-pedis–>this may leave you wondering if we should just focus that energy on some delicious healing, instead of putting on our capes and hitting the skies.

Meh, maybe after a tint or some streaks….

Who Knows How To Be A Hero?
✔♌Leo is all about being heroic! But this can go either way because no one knows how to take a break, vacation or a NAP like a LEO!

Make sure you take lots of power naps to keep up that concentration. Being a Leo of Leisure is hard work.

✔♌For those of you still working on those “spiritual abs,” you are probably going to use the passion, imagination and healing of the water stellium in Pisces and mix it with the genius that is Mercury in Aquarius. Let the “re-active” energies of Mercury Retrograde “Re-invigorate” you! You will need plenty of Vigor as we move into the year of the Sheep/Goat an things become as playful as kids in a tree house or as a serious as a Capricorn’s checkbook.

Why is it Genius?
✔♌Mercury is an Air sign just like Aquarius. So while Venus in Pisces is giving the compassionate water energies a powerful punch, Mercury in Aquarius gets a boost of creative insight from Uranus “the Awakener,” Aquarius’ ruler. (Insert Beavis and Butthead Joke here!)

✔♌Yes you may have had to deal with doing a few things more than once until you got it right. But it only sharpened your skills and made you consider just how much patience you need to get farther along your path the next time you run into challenging situation(s).

✔♌Since there are aspects like the kite and a yod in this full moon, expect there to be tensions that push you to decide if you will be predator or prey this year! This Full Moon energy is about being the huntress taking action to keep EVERYONE fed intellectually, emotionally and physically. This moon is literally the embodiment of the number 8 tarot card known as “Lust” or “Strength.” The Key words:
✔♌Positive Vibrations

✔♌No matter how you feel the energy manifest within you, remember that that you have a choice to move forward into the world of self-expression with Leo and the vitality of the chest chakra. This is about respecting all of the elements and the four directions of the zodiac. You don’t have to take the “kick ass” action oriented approach, unless of course its to kick your own booty. This is not about competition. This is about community effort in the context of our “personal best.”

✔♌Since Jupiter is in Leo, our personal fortunes are favorable each time we take an action in conjunction with our desires. Each day we develop through doing our personal best, we move one huge step closer to the sovereignty that is the LEO Mission statement.

Have a great week Cosmic Kittens!
Khepri of Astrolosophy, Cosmic Intelligence-Agency and Cosmic Weather!

Special thank you To Lioness Jordan Macbeth of Be Yoga-Cosmic Consciousness!


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