Tropical Astrology Update: ☽Moon in ♍️ Virgo☾

Tropical Astrology Update:
Moon in Virgo: The Virgin Andromeda & The Hero Perseus
2/4/2015 9:45 pm PST, 2/5/2015 12:45 am EST, 5:45 am UT

After the fiery, action packed Leo party of the last few days, the moon slides into Virgo and the cosmic clean up has begun even before all of the guest have gone home.

That’s right, all of the messy emotions of the Pisces stellium with the anxious and impetuously determined Leo moon energy created a lot of rushed decisions.

Luckily, Jupiter in Leo’s good fortune protected us with a net as our ego encouraged us to courageously jump into half-baked scenarios in the interest of “getting things done quickly” even if quality laid upon the sacrificial altar of “progress.”

I guess that’s what retrogrades are for.

The quicksilver sensation of Mercury Retrograde in conjunction with the sun in Aquarius created waves of over-active thought that the Full Moon in Leo could squash with some nimble cat-like jumps of their own. Anyone who has every been a “staff member” of Felis Domesticus or a Leo knows that sometimes their jumps and landings have all of the finesse of a baboon tip toeing through a quiet church in Swedish clogs. But your member from the cat clan looks like the most beautiful dancer, filled with grace when they nail those super sleek moves so you kind of have to trust them.

Enter Virgo.

Virgo now orchestrates all of the fire between The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, The Pisces Stellium and the Awakening waves of lightning channeled through Uranus and Mercury. The Virgo moon acts like an arranger of a beautiful song after the best Leo producer has just networked all of the “powers that be.”

The next few days will be the epitome of Virgo’s energetic project management skills as they weave meaning, motion and manifestation together so that we all receive a valuable collective outcome for our individual efforts.

Virgo may be mutable earth but it is ruled by Mercury. The same Mercury that is currently retrograde until February 11th. That systematically organized Mercurial energy Virgo is known for will take all of the strings of chaos and bring them into order so be creative and adaptable and you may find that you have some long term solutions fall in your lap. Considering the inspiring energy of Venus in Pisces with its higher octave Neptune, compassion and imagination will be a foundation for creating harmony and joy.

This is the angelic energy of the cube of Metatron and the 13:20 vibration of the Mayan Moon Calendar and Aztec sun stone. A reminder that chaos and order are sometimes just part of the “cycle of progress” when things are moving too fast for us.

Go home Leo Full Moon, you are drunk (with energy and power).

Work with it!

Try to focus on the affirmative instead of the negative and watch the gears move in a way that helps the whole community.

Have a great week!
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