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Tropical Astrology Check-In
Moon in Scorpio 2/9/2015 11:06 pm PST
2/10/2015 2:06 am EST, 7:06 am UTLess than 48 hours before Mercury Stations Direct from its Retrograde cycle and it seems that Mercury and Uranus have fused into one giant hyper-dimensional antenna of physical and biological communication.

It seems as if the majority of “intuitives” or “extra sensitive” persons, yours truly included, have been experiencing pain/discomfort on many levels.

I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising. The Libra moon not only re-activates the “Cardinal Chrysalis,” I also consider the axis it shares with Aries to be the axis of equilibrium. This is a place where a lot of nasty ego stuff enters, so naturally on the other end is where much of the toxins must exit.

And what a convenient place to do so right next to the 8th house ruler, Scorpio: The Scorpion, The Eagle & The Phoenix with all of its classical Mars and Pluto powers of regeneration and transcendence. As the Moon slips into Scorpio and Sagittarius this week, we will experience “eye of the storm” moments of calm as we heal pains that only we ourselves have the capacity and understanding of ourselves to truly resolve.

Scorpio helps to reflect on all that is deeper and harder to understand leading to the unraveling of microcosmic hidden mysteries that tie into a greater macrocosmic understanding of existentialism. Both Scorpio and Sagittarius play great roles as healers through their association with Asclepius, Imhotep and Apollo, heru/Horus.

Just remember that time( Hours also known as Horus) and empathy are two great helpers as the Scorpio moon will make a lovely trine with the stellium in Pisces and Square Jupiter in Leo. By the time “The Wounded Hero,” Chiron takes over, voices of teachers from your past will leave you with that same sense of relief one has after a headache has finally been banished.

So break out the epsom salts, crystals, pure lavender essential oils and shower and bathe your way back into a more peaceful space before asking where all of the bio-feedback energy came from.

Anyone else feel The Cray All Day?

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