Tropical Astrology Update: ☽Moon☾ in Cardinal Cross ♑Capricorn♄

Should I Relax or Be Active?
Stay sharp this weekend because this is no ordinary moon in Capricorn weekend. This is a Capricorn moon that will “Ratchet” Up the tension of the last exact Cardinal Square that presumably all of us “mystical” energy readers have been yammering about for the last 3 years. The Cardinal Cross comes on March 17th at 2:53 am UT when Uranus hits 15º 18’4″ Aries, forming an exact square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn setting up an activation similar to a volleyball SPIKE when the moon hits 15º Capricorn.
At 9:13 am UT,  the Moon at 15º Capricorn 12’23” forms a square with Uranus at 15º Aries 12’24” less that seven minutes before it moves on to make a conjunction with Pluto at 15 cp 16’25”.

I don’t know about you, but I will be praying and meditating to every totem leading back to the supreme being/source. Sure, Capricorn and its connection to Saturn is all about order, integrity, mastery, rules, boundaries, structure and reputation, but when you throw all of those qualities into Pluto’s Easter basket, things are bound to get a tad oppressive, uncooperative and outright controlling.

Let’s think about this for a minute.




Goldar of "Space Giants"

Goldar of “Space Giants”

godzilla_cookieSure when these two agree its like every cute kitten video and goats on a slide get together and throw a keger while gardenia essence and laser light shows beam out of everyone’s derriere. But If there are any octaves of disagreement, Eris’ 500 year trip through Aries will happily play its banjo of discord while Pluto reflects his black laser-light off of the mirrored disco-ball of dub-step discontent and we all get baptized by fire. While you may not like Eris’ discord, hopefully there will be hot mustard and dipping sauce. How about them apples?

Eris_250_dwarf_planetSo naturally that prayer I mentioned earlier will also be extended to include: Goldar (Ambassador Magma), Mothra, He-Man, She-ra, Godzilla and just about any other childhood hero necessary to fight the last of the rubber suited monsters that will be visiting this week. I want to put my money on “The Creature From The Black Lagoon,” but I think I saw Pluto putting on leather this morning. Better call the cosmos twins.

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  1. SLibera

    😀 Wouldn’t Pluto mean death to all that order?
    Ps.Albert was a hottie

  2. Khepri

    Not necessarily. Death also means transmutation and or transcendence depending upon which culture you are referring to. Consider that Pluto is also associated with debt and regeneration until we reach equilibrium. Look up the story of Sisyphus. That was a very Pluto like punishment. Death is far too easy for Pluto because the victim does not suffer. HA!

  3. SLibera

    Thanks for the reply 😀
    I think I have it in for Pluto after having strong Pluto/Neptune connection with someone.
    But the equilibrium idea, I like that, that’s a nicer look. I will try to remember that when feeling Pluto punished.
    Your so right though, Pluto will not let us rest!

  4. Khepri

    SLibera Consider the idea that the birth, life, death cycle is the same cycle of effort we need to learn from our experiences. Except for in life it is our ego that continually goes through the process. Each time new information emerges and we improve. 😉

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