Tropical Astrology Update: ☽Moon☾ in Cardinal Cross ♑Capricorn♄

Do I say all of this to freak you out?
No. The idea is to inform you so that you can do lots of positive thinking to attract the things that you want out of the shifting energy, yet also be pragmatic enough to understand that there maybe some turbulence. Clearly Pluto will be driving a hyper-dimensional, “chariot of fire,” for long term transformational change, but Uranus has got his hands on the Millennium Falcon for sudden jumps into hyperspace and has tricked it out  with the space age equivalent to nitrous booster, hydraulics and wheels that spin and sparkle while you are standing still in space. That is why you keep hearing all that dub-step music crashing with death metal outside your bedroom window. Just Uranus doing his best “Shock the Monkey,” and Pluto doing his best bi-polar “transcen-dance” because he can’t decide if he wants to be king of the underworld or Batman.
SO we as individuals MUST CHOOSE to respond as positively as we can by affirming that we can transmute the toughest of moments into winning outcomes and forgiving ourselves if we have moments of weakness and imperfection. We have to learn through our cycle of fallibility just as much as we need to learn from our ego driven impeccability.

Perhaps the world that emerges after the eclipse will provide better options so that he won’t have to choose?

mars_IN_ARIES_512Will There Be Drama?
Depends on where you are and with whom you are with. Just bear in mind that Mercury moved into Pisces emphasizing our emotional way of communicating so you may want to take peoples dramatic responses with a grain of salt. On the other hand, A stellium in Pisces that is being conducted by the three prongs of Neptune’s Trident means something really big and magical can happen if you have a lot of faith and you are committed to doing a lot of heavy lifting. Keep in mind that Mars and Venus are in Aries adding some punch to the fire trine that was previously activated. We are less likely to be patient and certain to act out passionately if we are not mindful. In most cases honesty is good, just beware, all that Aries impulsiveness could mean unnecessary run-ins with people declaring their own version of “Marshall Law” (read: Martian Law).

Have a great weekend.
Have a Happy PI Day!


[aesop_image imgwidth=”50%” img=”” alt=”“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein” align=”left” lightbox=”on” caption=”“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein” captionposition=”center”]

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  1. SLibera

    😀 Wouldn’t Pluto mean death to all that order?
    Ps.Albert was a hottie

  2. Khepri

    Not necessarily. Death also means transmutation and or transcendence depending upon which culture you are referring to. Consider that Pluto is also associated with debt and regeneration until we reach equilibrium. Look up the story of Sisyphus. That was a very Pluto like punishment. Death is far too easy for Pluto because the victim does not suffer. HA!

  3. SLibera

    Thanks for the reply 😀
    I think I have it in for Pluto after having strong Pluto/Neptune connection with someone.
    But the equilibrium idea, I like that, that’s a nicer look. I will try to remember that when feeling Pluto punished.
    Your so right though, Pluto will not let us rest!

  4. Khepri

    SLibera Consider the idea that the birth, life, death cycle is the same cycle of effort we need to learn from our experiences. Except for in life it is our ego that continually goes through the process. Each time new information emerges and we improve. 😉

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