Tropical ✰Astrology✰ Update: ⚡Cardinal Cross ⚛Chrysalis Begins⚡

The moon just past the 15º of Capricorn, we are now deep into Cardinal cross territory. Beware control freaks who try to project their issues upon you. If you think that there are no control freaks in the immediate area I suggest you find a mirror.

Ultimately the exact square hits when the moon is in Aquarius creating a lovely intellectual and head strong frequency.
Saturn in Sagittarius just stationed retrograde so expect everyone to have boundary issues with personal space. Some will give you too much space while others will smother you. Your mission is to find the middle ground without too much conflict.

Capricorn and Aquarius are both classically ruled by Saturn so look at them as two sides of one coin. One seeks to limit and control order for the elite and powerful and the other seeks to destroy and recreate order to serve the greater cause for humanity.

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