Tropical Astrology Update: ♄Saturn Retrograde℞ and The ☽New Moon☾ Eclipse☰


Success must be measured in quantifiable achievements. Saturn will not take any qualitative “spin.” You must have quantitative evidence in the same context that a math teacher demands that you prove your work on paper during a calculus exam.

I know! You work hard. You deserve a break!

Well if you don’t meet Saturn’s demands, you will get a break all right. A break in your: right arm, leg, back or—

GASP! your spirit.

Try and see the ultimate truth, your spirit can be bent but never broken!

Each cycle of involvement with Saturn has taught you that, so this could be easy with the right attitude.

web_atlantean_royalty_piscesThe Good News

The good news is that the Pisces moon, along with Chiron in Pisces, will be helping many of us recover from all those lovely body aches many experienced this week. If any of you experienced that slow moving, fatigued, “I am so drowsy but I can’t fall asleep” anxiousness complete with a touch of “OH Sh*t, I only slept a couple of hours!” YOU ARE SO NOT ALONE!

Thank goodness Venus has moved into Taurus and will help us all be somewhat more calm and collected.  However,  I recommend lots of exercise because Venus will encourage you to remain stationary and indulgent like a starchy couch potato. With Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in fire signs while Venus is now in earthy Taurus, you must balance the urge to be active and social; doing something different that balances  well with your need to stay still in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Since Pisces will be passing the Olympian baton to my favorite Martian, Aries, during a new moon eclipse, the equinox will be a great day to write down a list of expectations for the upcoming “semester” or moon cycle that will last six months. This moon closes one cycle while opening another. The New Moon cycles have been between Taurus and Scorpio and now they will shift and take place between Pisces and that zealous, militant of organization, VIRGO!


If you think Saturn going back to Scorpio can compete with any of your favorite horror movies try standing between a Virgo, their TO DO LIST and getting things done, on time, for the people that they love?


Luckily Pisces is the other half of the equation with its mystical powers of manifestation, faith and imagination to balance out the “task master” effect of Virgo’s “Mercurial” majesty.

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