✰Tropical ♄ Astrology ♇ Update✰: ☽Moon☾ in ⚡Cantankerous ♑Capricorn⚡

☽Moon☾ in ⚡Cantankerous ♑Capricorn⚡

April 10, 2015 5:47 am PDT, 8:47 am EDT, 12:47 UT/GMT


Goodbye Sergeant! 

Wow! Sergeant Sagittarius stridently swaggered his way to the weekend pretty quick and dropped us off right in front of our beloved “Coach Capricorn’s” loft. If you think that the little old Libra full moon was a productive “gong” just wait until you see what our favorite “glamazon” dominatrix has to say this weekend. Do you expect that you are going to get some rest? Renew? Catch up with a few people and enjoy life?


More likely after you take care of your responsibilities and chores. You want to rest? Rest while you vacuum, clean the bathroom and mow the lawn. If you really need to come back from the dead, sweep, mop and paint the kitchen. That is how we relax before we unwind in Capricorn land. Naturally, if there is a more affluent Capricorn, they will hire some help to get things really sparkling around the home and in your life in general. I hear it’s really “Zen!”



That is where YOU come in.

climbing-goatsYou see whether you are supporting (read: serving) a Capricorn or you are simply a “goat check” custodian, you know that the best kept secret is that our “Nannies” and “Billies” are absolutely hilarious fun to be around provided that they are not in a “PANIC.” When I say “panic” I would like to place emphasis on the syllable “IC” as in “yuk” or “EWWW.” The disgruntled Capricorn “freak out,” is only second to the complete and utter “Pan-ic” meltdown that moves theoretical problems into the 3d reality using nothing other than the POWER OF FEAR born of their own anxieties.

Lucky for us all, Capricorns don’t scare that easily. So it is rare that you will experience a Goat Meltdown in High Definition. If you happen to catch a Capricorn meltdown, don’t bother going to any broadways shows, watching any academy award winning movies or breath-taking activities Like SKY DIVING—They will all just fall flat in the face of Cappie’s “Greek Tragedy!” So just shut up and let it happen. They will eventually come down off that tree. Remind them that we need the wood!

Is this a bad thing? Sometimes, but not always. You see Capricorns will only let you see that side of themselves if you are of the TOP NOTCH or high quality ilk of humanity. Cappies don’t like to show their less than formidable side. While one could make an argument that no such thing exist, for the sake of argument we are going to PRETEND that our goats have a “flaw.” What would that look like? Well if you drive a car, I want you to think about your “blind spot.” You know, that place that other cars seem to hide in, no matter how good you are with moving your mirrors around.

The Cycle Between the Three Modes Can be Found in All of the Elements: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. A continuous cycle.

The Cycle Between the Three Modes Can be Found in All of the Elements: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. A continuous cycle.

Since our goats our generally flawless, they are not always looking for those blind spots. This means that those blind spots can be huge and stealthy. No matter how well Sir Mix-A-Lot describes the enormity of this spot, they may never actually see it. And if you point it out to them you will be placing your life in peril. Is that because our horned hero is difficult? At times, yes. But its not all their fault. You see, each of the elements have a cardinal, fixed and mutable quality holding them together making a cycle. So each Capricorn between 12/21-12/31 is an extra dense helping of Saturn that we call Capricorn I. Then from 1/1-10 we have an extra helping of stubbornness and sensuality coming from the Taurus sector for Capricorn II. Finally, the supreme inspector of the “Saturnian Summit,” gets an extra helping of Mercury “cray” from its Virgo decan. Capricorn sector III (11-20) tells you every detail about that which will not work, they will remind you that “OMMie” don’t play that and all fools need to get their derrières to defcon one.


Why Is This Important?
This is the nature of earth signs. Not just cantankerous and critical, but passionate and loving. Yes, when Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo gets on their bullet train of  “biotchy-ness,” (male or female we can be pretty bad once we start barking) chances are they are only expressing a need that has to be fulfilled. Your job is to get them to use their words, with minimal grunts and grumblings.

Now on the other hand, the high maintenance behavior of our earth leader sea goat crew can be brutally “gangsta,” in the sexy department! I can name a million of them, for those who can’t Google is your friend! So this Capricorn moon is squaring with Uranus, the Aries sun and the south node of the moon and then moving forward to conjoin with Pluto. Notice all of the astrology is still talking about the squares and opposition of Uranus and Pluto? Because while they may not be exact anymore, the tension their aspects create are still very relevant. I will continue to remind people of the close to exact square on Christmas day with the full moon in cardinal Cancer.

Until then, we are all Kate Bush this weekend running up that hill.


Although we only started including Pluto in astrology since its discovery in 1930, keep in mind the fact that the American Revolution took place with Pluto at 27º 34′ Capricorn so think about what a Saturn return means as they come every 29.5 years and then contrast that with what a Pluto return must be like. Death and re-birth people.

I’m speaking metaphorically people, this is not doom and gloom astrology.

The United States of America will really feel that return between 2020-2024 with a big day being on December 29 2022. Uranus will be in Taurus and Saturn will be deep into Aquarius getting ready to conjoin with Neptune in Pisces. Imagine how much systematic change Pluto in Capricorn will bring. Just about 100 years ago Pluto was in Cancer during the stock market crash, so expect something big.


Back From The Future

Now that we are back from the future, try and keep an eye on balancing leadership and support. While the cardinal way is definitely lead by example, effective leadership is an interdependent dance of co-creation that works best when we know how and when to step up or step back. With the moon in Capricorn we will likely be more steady, reliable, practical, full of common sense, grounded and, down-to-earth. Just like Agent 36 says “The earth element is self-sufficient, self-contained and organic. All earth signs are grounded in reality and strive to be authentic and natural. More than any other signs, earth signs are attuned to the natural rhythms of the Earth.”


But don’t be fooled. No matter how “Practical, moderate, realistic, and patient” humanity may inclined to be, the other half of Capricorn is a fish. The “sea” goat aspect is the part of Capricorn that is brave and tough and is capable of navigating the deepest, darkest, murkiest of (emotional) waters. The waters most people will be crushed under Capricorn will ney up a storm and swim right out of it with their trademark exclamation, “This is bullsh*t!” So take a page from Capricorn’s book, if you need to complain in order to channel your strength, now is the time to do it. This is not being weak and it certainly is not giving up. This is the essence of the cardinal earth sign channeling anger just like a seed does before its roots burst through the strongest concrete that dares keep it buried in the darkness.

Just a Love Machine?

Capricorn is a quintessential love machine and all of its critiques comes from a place of wanting a better quality of health, wealth and life for everyone that they care for. So when you here the cantankerous fussbudget, remember that is the small child in them that feels responsible for creating a better world for us all. So put the complaints on mute, and turn their intentions up to properly receive our goat as they can be true heroes and “sheroes.”

The Power of Love Always Trumps The Power Of Fear

modality_earthThat Fighting Spirit!

Capricorn spirits are literally “The comeback kid” of the zodiac. They are the zenith point of the mother/father axis ruling public reputation and achievement associated with the 10th house. This is the point of ascension in esoteric astrology and the point of no return in the hero’s journey. Get all of your ducks in a row over the next week because next weekend’s New Moon at 28º Aries is the perfect launching pad for a productive path to the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3-4 of 2015.


*This is the decan system according to Chaldean system, there is also another decan system that is Egyptian and works well with planetary hours and rituals in esoteric astrology. It’s a matter of personal preference. 😉

Have a great weekend!

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