Tropical Astrology Update: Full Blood Moon Cardinal Contraction

I hope you are wearing your quantum running shoes and your thinking cap because April’s FULL “BLOOD” MOON IN LIBRA is reflecting and pumping the energy from the Aries sun through your veins like a tsunami. At this stage in the game you are about to fall flat on under the “see-saw” effect of Libra’s scales or be catapulted into the stratosphere while you figure out if you should run faster or scream, “to hell with it all” and go back to bed.


The Axis of Decisiveness

This full moon takes place right at 12:05 pm UT/GMT. The sun will be a 14º Aries 24’9″ opposite of the Moon at 14º Libra 24’9″. This full moon represents the powerful, creative and initiating forces of the divine sacred masculine force of Mars ruled Aries and the divine sacred feminine of Venus ruled Libra. The key words are “initiating forces” as these two zodiac signs are cardinal signs that represent the dynamic leadership energy that has gone out of control for the last month. I mean everyone wants to be the leader, but few want to do the work!

Libra is known for going back and forth on its decisions, but in fairness, this is more of a strength than a weakness. Each zodiac sign has its own way of focusing its cosmic energy and the Libra way is to make choices, question them, change your mind then question your decision to change until all of the good points and bad points rise to the top like cream at a chocolate candy factory. In stark contrast, Aries tends to make all of its choices using its head and metaphorical horns. When they can’t figure things out they tend to “ram” things until the obstacle is removed from their path or an alternative plan appears while they are in their intellectual zen zone ramming their sexy little brains out. HA!Just be ok with your choices. If you blow it you will learn. If not, its just more proof of your growth. <3

When we put the two energies together, we get the most cliche examples of “masculine” and “feminine” energy playing out in all of our family and friends and often in ways that we least expect them to do so. The week following the full moon expect a lot of impatience that will lead to lots of “daredevil” creative genius. The Aries sun has everyone behaving like that have been injecting themselves intravenously with turkish ground espresso.


Important decision are being made in the bat of an eye, often before you can even form an opinion much less have an opinion or interject with an alternative plan. Just like any other solar deity, the best way to make Aries laugh is to tell him/her your plans. Aries loves you, but they don’t give a f*ck about your opinion if its not in synch with their own plans. So you can expect that level of detachment energy with regards to the plans of others this week because Uranus in Aries will conjoin for a couple of days to play “shock the monkey.”

Guess who the monkey is?

So you you step on a few toes and deflate a few egos, all that lovely Libra energy will come along like Glinda the good witch and make all the ugly and the crazy vanish faster than you can click your red-ruby slippers.



Since the Libra Moon culminates at 14º, this will be in the Aquarius decan of Libra that is a lot less kumbaya than normal Libra energy. In fact, this is the wonderfully weird part of Libra that loves humanity without necessary always liking humans.

What Does This Mean For You?

This is the tank top wearing version of Libra’s energy that hands out back handed slaps, takes your money and then looks you in the eye and loving says “thank you for your lovely contribution.” So while the “diplomat” that is Libra is definitely present, its light bends through a different channel of the cosmic prism. So keep an eye out for the shake up and the shake down and don’t be shocked when the offending party takes offense when you thank them for taking some of that heavy load off of you. Since the light is bouncing off the of the cardinal Aries sun and landing upon the face of the cardinal Libra moon, you can expect plenty more UNINTENTIONAL conflicts. These conflicts will seem to spring out of nowhere honoring the last seven exact cardinal squares we survived in the past two years.

Don’t Worry!

Don’t Become Angry!

Remember, you have “spiritual abs” and you have a six pack on your spiritual abs that affirms that you have been to hell and back and now life is just a day at Disney World. You have learned so much that you now experience shorter recovery time periods between the time that you blow up until the moment you decide to let go of the anger or disappointment. You are mastering the process with every cycle.

The Full Blood Moon in Libra Occurs on the day of the Jaguar IX’Chel encouraging us to focus on the graciousness of gratitude over the virtues of vitriol. This weeks tone is focused on the art of negotiation and responsiveness; calling for us to be stealthy and fast when necessary, yet open and flexible to the ebb and flow of those that are close to us. Time to take a walk or a jog with the family and friends so as to re-connect with all of the sacred elements that we take for granted on a daily basis.

BE MINDFUL that the south node is surrounded by Mercury, The Sun, Uranus and Eris. So expect lots of “hoof in mouth” disease this week along with “triggered” knee jerk reactions that make you want to fight for very little reason at all. Remember it is that espresso I told you about earlier; it kind of makes it bad on your spiritual abs. Do any art you can this week as it will allow you to channel your energy constructively and help you to let go of some of the thoughts, feelings, and people that may not be helping you grow towards the light. Be decisive but if you burn down any bridges try and leave some seeds in its place so that you can eventually put up a hammock until you are ready to cross those bridges again!

Have a great weekend!


31 March 2015

01:43:32 UT – Mercury enters Aries (direct)

16:26:23 UT – Mars enters Taurus

02 April 2015

02:50:39 UT – Venus (18 ta 47’0″) sextile Chiron (18 pi 47’0″)

12:20:19 UT – Mercury (4 ar 37’59”) trine Saturn (4 sa 37’59” Rx)

17:20:12 UT – Sun (12 ar 38’49”) trine Jupiter (12 le 38’49” Rx)

03 April 2015

07:07:25 UT – Moon enters Libra (direct)

04 April 2015

12:00:15 UT – Total Lunar Eclipse (14 li 21’31”)

12:05:32 UT – FULL MOON – Sun (14 ar 24’9″) opposite Moon (14 li 24’9″)

05 April 2015

15:07:42 UT – Sun (15 ar 30’43”) square Pluto (15 cp 30’43”)

06 April 2015

13:25:54 UT – Mercury (12 ar 35’52”) trine Jupiter (12 le 35’52” Rx)

14:07:39 UT – Sun (16 ar 27’18”) conjunct Uranus (16 ar 27’18”)

08 April 2015

00:06:43 UT – Mercury (15 ar 31’28”) square Pluto (15 cp 31’28”)

12:19:57 UT – Mercury (16 ar 33’54”) conjunct Uranus (16 ar 33’54”)

16:56:32 UT – Jupiter stations direct (12 le 35’26”)

10 April 2015

04:00:07 UT – Sun (19 ar 58’19”) conjunct Mercury (19 ar 58’19”)

11 April 2015

15:28:27 UT – Venus enters Gemini (direct)

14 April 2015

22:51:25 UT – Mercury enters Taurus (direct)

15 April 2015

04:24:56 UT – Venus (4 ge 7’35”) opposite Saturn (4 sa 7’35” Rx)

17 April 2015

03:54:43 UT – Pluto stations retrograde (15 cp 32’46”)

18 April 2015

00:28:30 UT – Mars (12 ta 43’33”) square Jupiter (12 le 43’33”)

18:56:49 UT – NEW MOON – Sun (28 ar 25’19”) conjunct Moon (28 ar 25’19”)

21:31:10 UT – Moon enters Taurus (direct)

19 April 2015

07:12:10 UT – Mercury (9 ta 2’59”) sextile Neptune (9 pi 2’59”)

10:29:04 UT – Venus (9 ge 3’12”) square Neptune (9 pi 3’12”)

20 April 2015

09:41:49 UT – Sun enters Taurus (direct)

21 April 2015

04:15:23 UT – Mercury (12 ta 49’56”) square Jupiter (12 le 49’56”)

21:34:46 UT – Mars (15 ta 32’26”) trine Pluto (15 cp 32’26” Rx)

22 April 2015

23:03:16 UT – Mercury (16 ta 18’31”) conjunct Mars (16 ta 18’31”)

29 April 2015

04:31:51 UT – Venus (20 ge 11’59”) square Chiron (20 pi 11’59”)

01 May 2015

01:59:57 UT – Mercury enters Gemini (direct)


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