✰Tropical Astrology✰ Update: ☽Moon☾ in Severe Ass ♃Sagittarius♐

Tropical Astrology Update: Moon in Sagittarius

April 7, 10:09 pm PDT

April 8, 1:09 am EDT

April 8, 5:09 am UT/GMT


Can you hear the sound of galloping all around you? Are you enjoying the continuous policy of truth? Does something “Stank” and you just can’t for the life of you figure out what it is?

People have a tendancy lose their filters under the Sagittarius moon

People have a tendancy lose their filters under the Sagittarius moon

Well don’t be confused beloveds, the moon is in severe ass Sagittarius. By now, you should know the drill. Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac who is known for their awesome sense of humor and their limitless sense of freedom and adventure. Sagittarius is a mutable (read: creatively flexible) fire sign known to always have their bow and arrow of challenge aimed at piercing the best prospect for success and fun.

The Problem?
When the moon is in Sagittarius, almost everyone becomes an impassioned zealot for their ideas and objectives with little regard for a filter of any kind when communicating with others. Should this be a big deal? I suppose it depends on who you are and which culture, city or soul group you come from and how much crap you are willing to take or give. You see, Sagittarius is a teacher of heroes that was forged in the heat of the battles of life’s everyday quests and journeys.

Because of this experience and wisdom, Sagittarii tend to be “wounded healers,” that will empathize with you on one hand but not cut you any slack as life kicks you in the private parts with double steel reinforced Doc Martin boots. Does Sagittarius do this just to be an ass? Sometimes, but not for the reasons you might think. You see, Sagittarius knows that in order for you to become completely developed and standing on your own feet, that they are not doing you any favors trying to shield you from the “unpretty” truths and realities of the 3d world.

Sagittarius_teacher_heroSo while the bluntness of Sagittarius may seem cold, cruel and uncaring at times, just think of it as a cross between tough love and your buddy that likes to play pranks on you during camping trips…when its pitch black…while humming the soundtrack to horror movies under their breath. But in the end, each arrow of challenge Sagittarius shoots at you is to build you up even if they have you fooled into thinking that their agenda is to tear you down.

Why is this especially important over the next few days?

We have learned a lot this last month. We have managed to surf the waves of the last EXACT cardinal squares, a solar and lunar eclipse and the over-stimulation of the Aries sun. Now, the Aries sun has formed its own biker gang with Uranus making a fierce conjunction right after it made a square with Pluto in Capricorn all of our shared changes will really collide with our personal challenges. Since Venus and Mars are both in Taurus and mercury is flying through Aries, you can imagine the kind of hostile halitosis that will be flaming out of our mouths as we impatiently communicate frantically to get our own way.

Since Venus and Mars are both in Taurus we will be moving fast and slow in erratic ways that will be mysterious to everyone. So if someone tells you to “hurry the hell up” don’t be shocked when they tell you to cool your jets because they are not ready. I mean Mars and Venus both in Taurus at the same time? I mean the sex is great but the diva factor makes Mariah Carey seem like a humble buddhist priest. You may want everything and everyone to move like ⚡lightning⚡ but you may find that in your campaign to be independent and free, you will not be rushed by anyone. 

Make sure if you are going to dish it out that you can take it. During Sagittarius moon, people often feel the need to exprss their truth but are not always open to the "truths" of others. ;-)

Make sure if you are going to dish it out that you can take it. During Sagittarius moon, people often feel the need to exprss their truth but are not always open to the “truths” of others. 😉

Mercury in Aries has already trined with Jupiter and is about to hit the same bases as the sun with Pluto and Uranus over the next few days conjoining with the sun on the 10th. Now we know what it is like for any planet to be in Aries, but imagine Mercury in Aries…As if Mercury isn’t already a, “smart mouthed,” ” know it all” that insists on being a pedantic little prick when you least expect that energy and right when you really don’t need it. No, I am not talking about needles. But hey you have those “spiritual abs” you have been working on and Sargent Sagittarius will be drilling you right through hump day where Jupiter will station direct and you will fall from hyperspace ready to rock n roll. This is that time of year, either your in school or have young ones in school that are getting ready for proms and graduation or you have people getting prepared for that last quarter before the fiscal year ends in June.

While the Sagittarius moon promises to fire up the grand trine between Uranus, Eris, Saturn, Mercury and the south node expect the push pull between wanting everything perfect to resolve itself with needing some recreation.

Demeter_Ceres_500When the Capricorn moon arrives to take us through the weekend expect Juno in Leo and the energy of the south node assist you in letting go of all of the things you just cannot handle. Remember that Mars and Venus “Diva” factor? It will be here through the weekend  while that Juno energy sits almost opposed to Ceres in Aquarius making you seriously want to choose that spa day over a healthy hike away from civilization. The choice is yours. Sagittarius aims at noon and calls its best efforts a success while Capricorn has to be at noon, on the line to call it a success.  This defines two perspectives to consider:Go with the spiritual or achievement materialism or allow yourself to simply slow down and enjoy what you are doing. See Sagittarius likes to be quick and to the point, but they sure do like their comedy, parties and moments of transcendental tirades that they think will help them save the world. But in the end, both coach Capricorn or good old Sergeant Sagittarius will guarantee that you get sh*t done this week, even if it drives you Bat Sh*t Cray Cray! #BSCC! NO NEED TO BE SEVERE or saintly, just get it done! But as usual under the Sagittarius Moon, Don’t dish it out if you cannot take it!

Jupiter Stations Direct in Leo at 4:57 pm UT/GMT or 9:57 am PDT!

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    Spot on! As a ♐️ Asc (25deg) I can vouch for a lot of that!


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