✰Tropical Astrology✰ Update: ♀Venus in Leo ♌

Tropical Astrology Update:
Venus in Leo June 5, 2015 8:32 am PDT, 11:32 am EDT, 3:32 UT/GMT

Give yourself a big congratulations for surviving the ♐”Sage-ittarian Smackdown”♐ from this week’s full moon. We were all stretched to our limits with a lot of challenges sent by the archer and teacher of heroes. So now that your mafia sit down has taken place, be grateful if your proverbial knee-caps were not broken and no one got whacked by ♐Sagittarius’ blunt and brutally honest words. 

Today the ♀goddess of love♀ checked into the sign of Leo moving us from the emotionally turbulent waters of ♋Cancer the Crab. This is one of ♀Venus’ more daring and fun places to be if you are ready for action and change. If you are in a relationship or looking to start up a relationship don’t be surprised if you see some wondrous changes over the next few months.

This next few months will emphasize entertainment and amusement, especially given that ♃Jupiter will be in ♌Leo until August when ♃Jupiter moves into ♍️Virgo August 11 at 11:11 am UT/GMT. But before ♃Jupiter moves from ♌Leo to ♍️Virgo, ♀Venus will go all the way through ♌Leo to 0º ♍️Virgo 45′ before ♀Venus♀ stations ℞retrograde℞ on July 26 a few days after the ingress of the ♌Leo Sun.☉

Why is this important?
Because Venus in Leo will encourage you to be a lounge lizard at a time when great fortune favors those that are CONSISTENTLY disciplined. If there were ever a time to parrot the mantra, “The early bird catches the worm,” the next three months will be a time to really apply that philosophy. Creative arts should be mixed in with self expression as the ideas of the old world will crack and crumble like vitrified Faberge eggs in the face of innovation.

Just don’t be surprised if an old flame flares up like a meteor!


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