Tropical Astrology Update: Mercury Moves Into Virgo

Tropical Astrology Update: Mercury Moves Into Virgo

Thought before action

Mercury moves into Virgo on August 7, 2015 at about 7:14 pm UT/GMT, 3:14 pm EDT, and 12:14 pm PDT.
For those of us that follow the movement of the planets, Mercury’s ingress or movement into Virgo will help us all with regard to everything concerning the mind and communications. Since Mercury just left LEO, you can expect that people will do a lot more reflecting before taking action.

Mercury influences how our minds work autonomously and in in groups. It is believed to determine the speed, depth of logic and practicality fused with just the right amount of intuition that we all feel comfortable with using in daily life. Mercury helps us to make decisions and helps us to decide how much and how often we communicate with others and whether or not such talk is deep and revealing or shallow and impersonal.

Mercury Rules Gemini and Virgo

So why is Mercury important this August?

Mercury rules the two mutable signs Gemini (air) and Virgo (earth) but its “claim to fame,”is the notorious MERCURY RETROGRADE cycle that takes place three (3) times a year.

In addition to Mercury’s retrograde cycle, we tend to pay close attention to where Mercury starts and finishes the cycle, demonstrating that the zodiac sign Mercury is in will determine how your mind, communications or even short trips will be impacted. Since Mercury is in one of the sign that it “rules,” it means that the impact will be much stronger than with other signs of the zodiac. Mercury in Virgo can become process oriented in its pursuit of organization to the point of obsession. This means that simple questions or inquiry of any kind can come across as unnecessary “nagging,” a lack of trust, or sometimes a sense of righteous indignation with just enough smug superiority to drive you bananas.

Just One of those days?

The speed, intuition and intellectual athleticism may bring up a lot of nervous energy crating many situations where you can easily misunderstand the intentions of others as well as be misunderstood yourself. Consider asking more questions this month instead of jumping to conclusions. While Mercury’s speed can be helpful during a “brainstorming,” session to gather ideas, speaking off the top of your consciousness might get you into trouble if you are flooded with so many thoughts that you are forced to share just one. We all know that when we are brainstorming its ok to share ideas that may not be viable, but that brainstorming energy in a serious conversation or with someone sensitive or empathic may create unnecessary drama.


Mercury Rules Gemini and Virgo

MERCURY conjoins Jupiter right at the tail end of Leo on August 7th creating opportunity to share about our fortunes and opportunities and how we can potentially support one another. Just be careful about counting your chickens before they hatch as the chatty trickster aspect of Mercury can create scenarios where it sounds like you are bragging or being competitive in a passive aggressive context. Mercury moving into Virgo away from Venus will definitely help to prevent the “foot in mouth” situations that create conflict.
In your haste to assess all challenges, try not to worry too much or overthink. Whether your choices are “perfect” or not, remember that you have the skills to correct situations when they don’t go as planned. Remember such a small detail will help you to analyze and assess in a head space that is more conducive to making the best choices going forward.
Thinking for yourself will be highlighted all through August, even when Mercury goes into Libra. Why you ask. Because the shallow side of Mercury and Virgo’s energy is to follow instructions and do what you are told without question. Am I saying that this is always the case?

Hell NO!

Try and get a Virgo to do something that they believe is wrong after they have made a definite decision or choice.
What I am discussing is that grey area when you are given orders and your instincts tell you that something is wrong but you haven’t gathered enough evidence to substantiate why its wrong and why you want nothing to do with it.

Get Ready To Roar!

8/8 is the Lion’s Gate! Be as decisive as possible about what you wish for this month and over the next calendar year. This is great dress rehearsal for Jupiter moving into Virgo on 8/11 at 11:11 am UT/GMT where it will remain until mid September of 2016. Remember that virgo is about love and community, not the stereotypical nagging that many people think. It is their desire and need to make the world a better place that comes across so passionately, it can be easily be misunderstood. Remember, being “nagged” by a Virgo means that you are worth it and that they care about you.

Mars goes into Leo August 8, 11:29 pm GMT. So we will be thinking like Virgoans, with actions of self-expression that resemble LEO. Time to be athletic and artistic with emphasis on health.

So as many planets line up in the sign of the Virgin mother, remember to take it easy on the self-criticism and the the criticism of others. If you hear that which you think is judgment, listen closely, it may be someone trying rigorously to support you. NOT BRING YOU DOWN!
Have a great weekend!

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