✰Tropical ☯ Astrology ✰Update: ☽Moon In Cancer☾

✰Tropical ☯ Astrology ✰Update: ☽Moon In Cancer☾

Tropical Astrology Update: Moon In Cancer


Guess Who’s Back?

If you have been feeling ambivalently caught between emotions and impulses today it should come as no surprise to you because the Moon is in Cancer.

Why is this moon in Cancer so important?

In classical Astrology, Saturn "ruled," Aquarius and Capricorn (because they were so "far out" or "out there.") In Modern Astrology, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn "The Father of Time," and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus "The Awakener."

In classical Astrology, Saturn “ruled,” Aquarius and Capricorn (because they were so “far out” or “out there.”) In Modern Astrology, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn “The Father of Time,” and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus “The Awakener.”

Because the moon forms a friendly trine with stellia in Virgo and in pisces. But the most important influence is the activation taking place as “the father of time,” Saturn returns to Sagittarius.

The Saturn Smackdown: Staring Scorpio and Sagittarius!

Since Saturn is still in Scorpio, many of us are dealing with social, economic and karmic debt that is causing a sense of “lagging and dragging” happening to such a degree that you may find it really challenging to be patient while the next iteration of change is born into your life.

Take your time and recognize that this is a time of regeneration, change, and re-connection with the world in a way that is meaningful in the context of banishing bad habits that serve to hold you back. Now it is time to test drive new attitudes that will cruise you away from your personal river STYX into a stream of conscious change that will revitalize you.

Cancer and its “Crabulous” Personas!

Cancer: The Crab, The Dragon, and the Octopus will force you to engage in a heroic attitude in which you will try and save yourself and everyone else, just Like the crab that Hera (Juno) sent to fight Hercules while he fought the Hydra. Just like the crab was sent to distract Hercules, the sensitivity to the opinions and judgments of others can serve to distract your attention away from the conclusions that will have the most meaning and influence towards the best path of self-development.

The crab aspect of Cancer connects to “the scavenger” aspect of our personality but the Octopus aspect hunts and hordes things and people, making it difficult for us to let go of the parts of our past. The figurative tentacles often are the unconscious and masked insecurities/needs that aren’t contributing to the best choices for our development or co-creation with our community.


Me and My Shadow!

Such shadow aspects of Cancer can really weigh heavily on us as individuals and as a collective since Saturn in Scorpio is sitting at the 29th degree, right at the 14-15º of the Virgo Sun. So many of us may be sensitive to the “Sniper Season,” or the “snarky,” cynicism of the Cancer moon until September 8th when the moon goes into LEO.

CANCER energy harmonizing with Saturn in Scorpio is particularly sharp and biting at the moment. Many may be easily tempted to judge people, situations and ourselves instead of focusing on what we might do to create immediate success without potentially toxic cycles of unproductive rumination.

So if you are feeling “attacked,” “pressured,” or like you are expected to do everything, you may be falling victim to Cancer’s “I am the harder martyr” syndrome.  You know the drill. Come down off of that cross, we need the wood!


SuperMoon Showdown!

AS WE MOVE DEEPER INTO “SEPTEMBER SHOWDOWN,” with a new moon in Virgo and partial solar eclipse on the horizon, naturally we will be pushing ourselves and those closest to us to respective limits. So be as kind, forgiving and supportive as possible. When the Moon moves into Leo on September 8th, a divine fire trine will bring us towards the solar eclipse with sudden and unexpected actions that will be felt globally and personally. The boomerang effect of Venus in Leo will continue to play out right as everything slows down and Mercury gets set to go retrograde in Libra.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

The Leo moon and Saturn’s advance past 29º30′ Scorpion back to Sagittarius will represent the breaking point of change for some or a cardinal point of initiation of change as Saturn begins to become more polarized towards Uranus in Aries, and Mars and Venus in Leo. All of the cleaning up and purification that Virgo blesses us with this month will be trumped by Aries’ full moon energy. The full blood “supermoon” in Aries promises action and change that is UNPREDICTABLE.

So use heightened sense of intuition that the Moon in Cancer provides without focusing in on the potential challenges. Instead focus on what you would like to create and leave very little space for the negative to have enough space to manifest. <3

I won’t even touch how Chiron and Neptune’s opposition to the Virgo Stellium has created a lot of haze between self-imposed conservative scarcity and the limitless possibility of healing, progress and innovation in unforeseen flashes of insight and fortune!

For the full report on September, don’t forget to read my article on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency website.
Good Luck!


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